Monday, March 23

Run Deforestation, Run

Only three more days till I head to the airport @ midnight to pick up The Pie. Since she left almost two weeks ago there has been a death in the family (my grandma), a bad car accident (my aunt), a case of credit card fraud (me), The Boy and I finished the hardwood floor in the hallway, and Fajita lost a tooth. The Pie has been able to call us from Haiti now and then on a SAT phone, and it sounds like she's seen some amazing things. I can't wait to see her.

Saturday I had a small window of opportunity to ride while Fajita attended a birthday party. I was planning on coming home to the trainer, but looking out the window from my pain perch while the sun was shining outside seemed to make very little sense. I decided to take the beater DeBernardi OUTSIDE for it's virgin ride that didn't involve the rear hub being held in place. I only rode for an hour in the interconnecting neighborhoods near my house, but it was better than spending an hour watching infomercials or golf and making a few half hearted attempts at intervals. Honestly there are tons of twists and turns within a five mile radius from my front door that can be taken at speed and a few descents that approach 40MPH (if you pedal like mad from the top you will see 40MPH for almost one solid second).

Sunday I tried to get all the Throbbing Members out for a little Burn 24 Hour Challenge team training. Only two of the four members were in attendance, and Bill Nye and Luke Sagur will be fined for missing practice. After that I beat feet to get home and clean the house so it didn't look like I hadn't cleaned anything in two weeks.

After I got Fajita in bed I was bored as The Boy was at the airport chasing his dreams of future employment. Being alone and bored and having no bike maintenance to attend to I did what I normally do when I'm bored.

Hair removal is always cleansing in some weird way. It's some kinda mental warrior battle transfer preparation for upcoming bloodspilling events. You know when the hair comes off it's "business time", not Flight of the Conchords "Business Time", but definitely some sort of business time without the sexy sock removal or sorting of the recycling bin (although that's very important).

I did get a little carried away though. A tight haircut led to some shaving which led to more and more shaving.

Faces of Dicky could use some more fodder anyways

The Pie will not be surprised. I've done this before when I've had too much time on my hands. Shaving around that broken left collar bone always has me regretting that I started shaving to begin with, but eventually I get into all the nooks and crannies and end up looking... well, satisfactorily odd. At least I ended up killing a half hour or so without hurting anybody. For a pre-growth removal photo click here for reference.

Hmmm... nothing on the agenda for tonight. Think it would be over the top to polish my nipples?

Less than two weeks till the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. Are you ready? Me neither, so you have no excuse to not be there.


Anonymous said...

good god mon! You're a bald freak!
Hope you didn't shave your balls!

Here's a hell of a concert...
Verizon amphitheatre

It cools the sole.
Better than a good round of cone!

Big Bikes said...

I do the hair thing too (sans bodily hair removal). Always feels like I'm ready for Boot Camp or HELL WEEK or some god damn thing where you beat the crap out of yourself and get all fit real fast.

And then the temps drop back to the twenties and I want to scoop my hair out of the bin and glue it back to my frigid head.