Monday, April 13

Are you reading my posts.....

or are you just looking at the pretty pictures?

Man, where's the reading comprehension skills folks? Last Wednesday I posted: "I'll be outta town on a non-biking type trip till next week...", but apparently some folks just aren't paying attention.

Anyways, I'm back. The family and I traveled down to Charleston, SC to live life in the "fat lane" for a few days.

This was a trip with the usual Charleston fare, lighthouses, carriage rides, looking at history and such, and marveling at the work of local artisans.

Charlotte local twenty niner aficionado Jerry "Enoch" Adams apparently has built up quite a following with the people of Chucktown.

The family took a boat ride over to Patriots Point (parking place for the carrier Yorktown), and luckily there was something to do over there for free that held my interest.

I've mentioned it before, I'm a big fan of submarines. I've read a ton of books about them, and I've seen every movie I can think of regarding submarine warfare (even that stank one with Matthew McConaughey). I got to climb around inside the USS Clamagore and see everything up close and personal like... well everything on the main level at least. The very last submarine book I read was about the first submarine that was sunk that actually had survivors escape from the deep. It was freaky to see the actual size of the tiny escape hatch that men would crawl into four at a time with their Steinke hoods (if they had them) so they could slowly go up a rope from 180 feet below the surface.
Scary shit. I'll never put on a lifejacket again.

Is this a bike blog? Sorry, I forgot.

I'm in the process of messing with my MOOTSfit. A layback MOOTS Cinch post went on when I got back from Charleston, and I gave it a whirl on Sunday. It felt great (as I kinda figured it would), and now I'm messing with the stem. I've done this before with my other 29'ers, and after trying a 60mm and a 70mm stem I usually end up going right back to my 50mm Thomson stem. I have to try just so I know for sure... you know??

Tomorrow everything should be back to abnormal around here as I work my way into the three week run up to my (I mean our) next race, PMBAR.


Anonymous said...

It's easier for me to use your link bar to look at other blogs. Don't think it's all about you.

Metro said...

So I’m sure you know/have heard about the 2 nuclear subs that collided recently? That was some wild sh!t.


Anonymous said...

Saw a show on the History channel last night that said Enoch was actually captured by aliens and spent 300 earth years with them.

Explains a lot, don't it?

jkeiffer said...

"I have to try just so I know for sure... you know?"

Its nice to eliminate doubts. Wish I had a Jones to ride for a few weeks, just to make sure I don't NEED one...

Arleigh said...

Glad you are back to "previously scheduled programming"

also thanks for stopping and chatting at grind

Big Dave said...

Did you go to the Hunley museum? That was the sub used in the civil war. Charleston is where I grew up. Fun place to visit. Too bad you didn't get to ride their trail network on the naval weapons station. Hard to believe there are trails like that there.