Tuesday, April 21

Blogcott Day Two

For more info on the blogcott see here.

The "When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle"

Saturday I decided to head out for some dirt action. Since my bike has only been built for less than a month and already has 130+ miles on it I decided I should probably give it the once over. Lock the front brake, and rock the bike back and forth to see if my Cane Creek 110 headset had loosened up at all... no, perfect. Throw the Industry Nine wheels on the truing stand and hit them with a tensiometer to make sure they haven't lost any tension... tight and true. Grab an 8mm allen and make sure my Middleburn cranks are snug up on the splines of my ISIS bottom bracket... good to go. Wipe down the chain and lube it up proper... slick as shit. I shoulda known that the bike would be fine since I built it under the watchful eye of Will Bolt.

With the bike good to go I grabbed my riding gear and threw it in my old messenger bag... oops, almost forgot my Swiftwick Ole Fours. Wouldn't be a bike ride without them. I threw my sweet Twin Six Stripe Cap on my head to keep the morning chill of my head while I stood in the driveway mounting my MOOTS MOOTO X on my Raxter Rack.

By the time I got that far I was standing in my driveway realizing I had already done enough to justify mentioning all my sponsors in a succinct post with a loosely associated random photo. I took my bike off the rack, went back inside, grabbed a pretentious bike themed beer from the fridge, and got online to look for new aps for my iPhone.

Oh yeah... MISFIT PSYCLES!!!

I've justified my existence to my sponsors today.

BTW: Thad has joined the game. This is catching on, and I think the blog world will be set on it's ear (whatever that means) by the end of the week.


Guitar Ted said...

Ahh.......kaf! kaf! er.....ergon?....cough, cough....

And this "blogcot"? Whatever Dude! Real men kill their blog and then bring it back from the dead later.

Talk about commitment.....

Anonymous said...

Again...50 words or less. You are not resembling any kind of "cott."

Anonymous said...

Even your blogcot has more filler than oscar myers.

Jill said...

Wow, who knew a blogcott could be so entertaining?

I can't wait for your "my kids-cat-dog-bird-porcupine are sooooooo cute and my life is sooooooooo perfect" post.

Luis G. said...

How about the "I'm injured and can't ride" pity post? Those are a favorite of mine!

dicky said...

"cute kids/pet/perfect life" post?

No problem.

Whiny injury posts are always too long (or at least seem that way).