Monday, April 27

We can all breathe again

Last week's blogcott felt like I was holding my breath underwater for five days straight. Tons of shit happened that woulda been significant enough to blog about (it doesn't take much), and now a week later I don't know if I could re-cap it all.

Quite a few people didn't get the point of the blogcott. That's okay... I'm not sure I had a point. I just felt like paying homage to all the short worded bike bloggers out there. The masters of bicycle brevity, the swamis of cycling succinctness, the overlords of endurance ephemerality... it was really for them. Warm fuzzy feelings typed on my keyboard, transmitted through cables powered with soon to be clean coal technology, and displayed on their screens to validate their efforts more than 1,000 seperate comments on a singular post ever could. My hat was off to them, but now it's back on, and Bad Idea Racing V 1.0 is back in online. With two races coming up in the next two weeks (PMBAR and DSG) I should have plenty to write about that is more up my vernacular alley.

With PMBAR being less than a week away I can say that you missed at least three day's worth of daily updates on the "Which pack should I use to carry what crap this year?" posts. Multi-tools, mini pumps, tubes, spare parts, CO2 dispensers, emergency/first aid crap, food, water bottles, saddle bags, lights... all strewn about in the bike room in an attempt to pare my gear down to the minimal weight and pain in the ass possible for hours upon hours of riding/hike-a-biking in the Pisgah National Forest. Bring my Ergon BD2 and have enough room to carry Thad and his bike to the finish line on my back if necessary? Maybe go old school and use my modified Blowfish that I've owned for the last decade and has seen action in five earlier PMBARs? Go Reinhold Messner style with the Wingnut Assault, carry as little as possible, and hope for the best? PMBAR is such a problem for an obsessive compulsive competitor with too much time on his hands and too many options available. Eventually I'll get it all sorted out, and more than likely I'll end up with the same set-up I've ran for five years straight. I'll admit PMBAR was much easier when I was teamed up with The Wonderboy when our goals were to hit the minimum amount of checkpoints and get back to the kegs ASAP. This "in it to win it" mentality sure is a bit of a drag.

What do you have to look forward to this week? Stem swapping? Pack picking? Pack packing? This and more if you wanna play along from the comfort of your home/cubicle/laptop wirelesss internet coffee shop.

Stay tuned for more or Moors if Moors are more to your liking...


Anonymous said...

Thank God you are back. I really want to know what size front rotor you will be using this weekend. Please opine when you have time.



cornfed said...

Hey Rich, did'ya see this last week? Wasn't sure since you were blogcotting.

We should hold a packing wars week. Currently my pack weighs as much as you.

word verification: prove

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, back to my normal Monday morning at work.

Looking forward to seeing all the mental issues leading up to this weekend.

See you Saturday. Bring your rain gear.

grannygear said...

AH...the universe is at harmony once again. Obsessive compulsives of the world, unite...over and over again till you get it right.


Anonymous said...

I didn't really understand what the blogcott was about or why it started, but I'm glad to see that you're back. Mainly I'm just glad to have this a part of my morning coffee-oatmeal-Dicky routine.

Now enough with your whining already -- spread some fjear!

Bubba said...

Hell up and gear up...i love friday nights

dicky said...

Sorry FJ, missed the question.

8" front/6" back.

Go moto!!!!!