Wednesday, April 1

Why do you build me up?

Buttercup baby
Just to let me down.

As if you didn't see the writing on the wall. It's okay, you can go ahead and say you knew the whole time my frame wouldn't be here yesterday. I'll understand. I expected it myself. As a matter of fact when I found out it was shipping out last Thursday via three day service I didn't even bother to ask for a tracking number or which shipper they used. I knew that would only have me pointlessly staring at a computer screen over the weekend and the last two days just to be let down when I woke up yesterday to see that it was sitting in Louisville, KY, and not "out for delivery".

I called Bolt Brothers around 3:30pm yesterday to see if I should start to get excited. They were still waiting for the truck (white or brown, I still did not know). At 4:45 my phone rang and I recognized the number as the shop's. I answered it knowing this could go either way. "Bad news. No frame..." she said, "but it will definitely be here tomorrow."

"Keep a bucket of water handy and know where the exits are for your own safety" I told her, knowing that I wasn't sure that my bad luck had entirely run out yet.

I emailed the MOOTSpeeps and thanked them for the effort, but once again my luck had come into play, and I hoped nobody died in the process of trying to deliver my frame to me, Dave at MOOTS responded, letting me know there was a blizzard in Denver that delayed my frame, and that, in fact (as far as he knew) no one had died (yet). He also sent me a tracking number (shit), so as of now I know it is "out for delivery", and should be somewhere (not necessarily here) today.

So what did I do last night since The Pie and Fajita had already vacated the premises?

Not much.

My front brake was rubbing when I installed it on the fork, but just an eensy-teensy bit. Now with all the time in the world I broke out the business cards, and you know when I brake out the business cards it's business time.

Of course like any true bike nerd I drove my front end around the house in anticipation of a soon to be complete bike.

That was only fun for a very short while, so when in Rome I did as the Romans do (assuming that in Rome they have scads of rear endless front ends and a Misfit Psycles sticker pack).

So let's face it. I coulda just copied and pasted yesterday's post and put it up again. Even though my frame is "out for delivery" I am still keeping myself in check not letting even the slightest twinkle of hope live in the twinkly hope lobe of my brain. Shit can still happen... I've read as much on a bumper sticker once. Then again I've also read "life is good", "if you can read this you're too close", and "honk if you love sailors" on a few bumpers, so I'm doing my best to not base my hopes and dreams on or live my life guided only by the wisdom displayed by some proudly ornate bumper owners.

So maybe tomorrow you'll get a glimpse of my new bike...

or maybe you'll hear about a huge sinkhole 1,200 miles wide permanently separating my house from Waxhaw, NC...

or maybe the terrorist threat level will go to brick red today, and everything will be shut down under martial law....

or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Dicky - I feel your pain! I stayed at home all day yesterday because the Fedex tracking page said "Estimated delivery: March 31, 2009". Yesterday morning, I had an important errand that I needed to run but I knew if I left, there would be no one at my home to provide the signature. I wanted to have lunch with my wife but she said I should probably stay home in case the bike showed up. Late yesterday afternoon, I skipped out on a ride with some friends because I didn't want to miss the Fedex man.

Around 5:15 yesterday afternoon, I called Fedex explaining all that I had missed so that I could provide a signature. The lady said "Sir, we don't consider the package late until April 2nd." I pointed out that this information was no where on the tracking page and the only date mentioned was March 31st. A canned "I'm sorry sir" just made me more frustrated.

I hope we both get our bikes today.


allan said...

Dang. Sorry man. Was really keeping my fingers crossed that this would be a "drama free" bike build for ya.

Anonymous said...


Nelson Muntz

springer said...

Dang I took the day off to follow the live blog build. now what am I going to do.

Guitar Ted said...

If you get a call today, is April 1st and all.

Just sayin'

Hope it all comes true for you.

Anonymous said...

No Ergon grips on the new ride? How come?

dicky said...

No Ergon grips??

I was trying to eliminate all variables while I was hunting down the source of my hand pain. I'm not sure how everything's gonna end up at this point as soon I'll have 26" wide MOOTSbars with 14 degrees of sweep.

Anonymous said...

Your frame came to my house (they must have got Team Dicky and Super Dick confused) and it sure is purdy. But it is too small for my 6' height, so I am just building it as a really light trials bike. Pics soon!

Good luck with today being April 1st and all...

Big Bikes said...

Amazing, you look so much like Tucker that your "Faces of Dicky" image for today is indistinguishable from the real thing.

"You two should be kissing my fucking hairy bean bag, you know?"