Tuesday, March 31


Front end of a bike ISO rear end of a bike for long term relationship, likes trips to podiums, long rides in remote places, and piña coladas .

If you blow up the photo you can see my shiny bits awaiting installation in the background and a subliminal plug for 55Nine Performance.

Well, there it is. If every thing works out as planned Will Bolt of Bolt Brothers Cycles and Mattress Emporium will be heading over to Casa de Dicky this evening with MOOTS in hand. Some lesser known racer types already got theirs, but it appears as if it traveled in time from the distant past as it only has 26" wheels *gasp*. My frame should grace my fork with its presence this evening, but the MOOTSbar and MOOTSpost will not be here till later in the week. They're coming swaddled in MOOTSkit and MOOTSwearables later in the week so I can look all spiffy when I toe the line at the Six Hours of Warrior Creek this Saturday.

I spent last night putting the front end together; super chromed powder coated Niner fork, Industry Nine sexy time wheel, shorty Thomson stem, Salsa 17deg bar, and Stroker brake. I also did a little sweating of the details while I had the time to kill and drill.

Clicky make biggy and marvel at the wonder that is SUPER CHROME.

Putting a hole in the back of the fork for a zip tie keeps the hydraulic line from damaging my $15 powder coat finish. Devil meet details.

I'd love to do a liveblog build like Fatty did with his Superfly, but... well, I'm not. I'll be too busy turning wrenches to care too much about blogging while I'm doing it. Glamour shots of the build may take awhile since Wednesday we're looking at rain, and I won't have my ti bits to hang on my ti bike till later in the week.

In other news...

Bad Idea Racing has taken a technological leap from 2000 to somewhere around 2006 with this new addition to the IT department:

Goodbye Windows 2000, hello Windows XP

Compliments of blog reader, riding friend, and one of the Throbbing Members Ben "Bubba" Cohen. I now not only have a faster computer than my 2000 A.D. Gateway it also has photo shop programs that will allow me to cut and paste the heads of my rivals on inappropriate things at will. Eventually I'll figure that out, and I will no longer have to write anything of importance here whatsoever (sorta like Faces of Dicky with other people's heads)... and no, I am not sponsored by Red Bull. I just asked Ben if he could put some flame decals on the tower to make it look fast, and he decided to add some corporate flair of his own.


springer said...

Another build up to let us down? or could this be the real thing? Looking forward to tomorrow!

George Wisell said...

nice Ellsworth stcker

dicky said...


Nice catch. I brought that very same work stand to the 24 HOP where me met for the first time the first time.

Guess it's time to lose the Ellsworth decals, huh?

Anonymous said...

hey Dicky, I heard your company has a new website. Is this it?
it rules if this is it.

cornfed said...

The 26" dig is the new "just posting a picture".