Wednesday, May 6


Although this is the third year for the Dirt, Sweat, and Gears 12 Hour Race this will only be my first time attending the event. I'm told this is the biggest, funnest, bestest 12 hour race in all the universe, so at least I'll finally get to see if it lives up to all the hype. Here's some of the interesting stuff I read from a release that was recently forwarded to me: ridership is edging towards 370 crazies for this go round.

Among the big dogs to watch are: Danielle Musto, Rebecca Rusch, and Pua Sawicki in the Woman's Pro Solo race.

Brandon Draugalis, Josh Tostado, Harlan Price, Jeremiah Bishop, Ernesto Marenchin, etc in the Men's Pro Solo Solo SS we have Dejay Birtch and Fuzzy John Mylne...

In the Duo Pro, pay attention to the Team of Thomas Turner and Sam Koerber...

Misfit Psycles will be in the house showing off their newest 29'er frame and making fun of Rich Dillen at his expense.

Yes, this means Thad "Anchorman" Hoffman and I will be going head to head with Sam Koerber and Thomas Turner in the Duo Pro class. This should be a clash of the titans of such epic proportions that the tale shall be retold around campfires for generations.

Pete-unh (Misfit Psycles tyrant) has already began his quest to bring me down a notch.

One would think if Pete-unh spent his spare time "training" instead of photo shopping and such he'd be able to man up and bring the Canadiacan heat (somewhere around 11 degrees celcius) to throw down duo mano e duo mano. Maybe he coulda spent all that free time designing a sweet 2009 Bad Idea Racing jersey? Those Canadiacans sure know how to waste time, but I guess since they're buried in snow ten months outta the year they would have to be experts in wasting time and perhaps drinking and tubing.

So there you have it. I'll be packing up the Bolt mobile early tomorrow A.M. to head west young man. I think we're gonna try to stop at the Industry Nine factory on the way out and see what we can fit in our cargo pockets while Jeff and Brandi aren't looking. After that we should be making our way to the Cotton Mill Preserve for a V.I.P.A.P.P (Very Important People and Perhaps Pete-unh) meal. Friday will be pre-rides, shenanigans, and sand bag filling, and on Saturday we die.

See you (in a virtual sense) Monday.


Karlos said...

Word for Word, exactly what I was messaging! LMAO

Luis G. said...

bwahahahaha that pic is awesome...

Big Bikes said...

Man, I was really hoping to do the double of SSUSA and DSG this year but it just plain didn't work out.

I am going to go get 2010 calendar (maybe they don't have them yet, perhaps I'll have to make one)and black out all the potential dates for the two events so's I don't get derailed yet again.


drew said...

Could I design the 09 jersey? If so I hope you like sharks. And skinsuits. I can email you my portfolio.

dicky said...

I like sharks
I like skinsuits.

I'd like a submarine that is captained by a little viking man holding a stein of brew.... and torpedoes with fists.

drew said...

How about a kitten dressed as a shark that is fighting a pteradactyl?

brado1 said...

LMFAO ! the photo is great!

dicky said...

"How about a kitten dressed as a shark that is fighting a pteradactyl?"

That was in a dream I had last night.
Are you a wizard or some sort of mystical soothsayer?

Anonymous said...

Brandon Draugalis

That kid is the real deal. He finished 2nd in our race last weekend (Escape from Granogue) in some epic conditions (muddy, rainy, really bad conditions) was was so pleasant and happy to just be out there. He is becomming one of my favorite local Pro's. He writes well too!

drew said...

partially wizard... dream you had last night? fennell had this idea about 5 years ago + a few days on the morning after we watched our pal brian do the dilworth crit.
turn your cat into other things! your our new poster boy.

we have been trying to exploit an avenue of execution ever since.

you are totally going to get my portfolio e-mailed to you when i get home from work

dicky said...


I'll be at the top secret I9 facility tomorrow. You can show me your kitties then if you please.

Anonymous said...

Yea, really good smack by the Pete-unh. You'll have to up your game.