Tuesday, May 5

You're Ms. Misery

This one goes out to my PMBAR teammate Thad "The once considered fast, but now I'm not so sure" Marsupial.

He finally got his PMBAR worthy post up today. A bit more revealing look into his experience for sure. He didn't bother to mention that he was trying to explain his poor performance telling people all about his killer bunion which kept him from riding at a slightly higher pace.

All in all a great day out in the woods. One could hardly ask for more (alright, maybe a throng of fans on the climbs screaming "ALLEZ, VENGA, VENGA!!!!" would be nice. Thad was the perfect Cameron Frye to my Ferris Bueller.

This marks the second time I have been graced by the number of Micheal Jordan. If only I could be like Mike (handsome and rich).

I have to apologize to everyone that read my PMBAR race report and felt it was kinda dull. Even though we came in second we never had to triumph against any insurmountable odds other than the fact that Thad felt "a little tired". Hardly makes for good story telling, eh? Next time I'll hobble Thad "Misery style" and see how he fares.

I got some recent face time in the most recent copy of Mountain Bike Magazine.

and by "face time" I mean just my face....

According to the chart (which is based on mathematical principles of the most scientific kind I assure you) the news of me winning the Breck Epic bloggers contest is slightly "awe inspiring" and just a bit on the "boy scout" side of all things scientific like. If you notice though I scored very low, and am bordering on "punk rock" and "nausea inspiring". It's good to know my standards are being upheld on such a national level.

MOOTSman Jon posted the photo of me riding in my backyard over on the MOOTSblog. The caption to the photo said "Pictured above Rich D gettin' rad". No wonder everybody in uptown Charlotte was calling me Cru Jones all day. Who woulda known a bunch of lawyers and bankers read the MOOTSblog???

Leaving for DSG in two days. I feel like I'm gonna pee my shorts.

Oh yeah, the "Bumble Bee tuna" reference in yesterday's post was from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Thanks for playing Thom.

All PMBAR photos taken by Brado.


AdamB said...

Well, great work once again. First loser at such a great event is quite the accomplishment. And, you guys are certainly atop the "too dumb for gears or squishy bits" podium. Did you ever find out how Wes and Chris made their way thru to each checkpoint?


cornfed said...

When Cameron was in Egypt's land...?let my Cameron go!

Ferris Bueller, you're my hero

wv: flogingr

dicky said...

Yeah, Wes had a good route. Dunno if it's what made him faster or not, but it made as much sense as ours.