Friday, May 15

A fifth day of DSG? Why not?

I was very fortunate to get a picture of this moment that occurred Saturday night after the race. Lucky for me Thad is good for something after all.

Here I am meeting my biggest fan. I know, I know... you thought you were my biggest fan, but I guess you're wrong because this guy beat you to the punch by claiming the title Saturday night. There were a lot of beers involved, but I think he agreed to buy a MOOTS a month in 2009 (Dave, you got his credit card number, right?). I mean were shaking on it and all, so it musta happened just like I remember it. In the background is Jamie Pillsbury "doing his thing" which means he's done tussling with prostitutes and is back to shilling Shamwow.

Sorry about the picture of my ass yesterday. Hundreds of you were curious enough to click the image, and I'm either flattered, ashamed, or scared. Let me assure you that had you seen what you wanted you woulda been very impressed. My ass is quite nice. Just ask Kim from Canadianica who was "rendered speechless".

I'm still not finished putting the pieces of my humpty dumpty bike back together again, and since I wanna ride I'm cutting this off right here. No matter how much you beg I have promised myself a DSG free week starting Monday. In just one week we will see The Return of Captain Dick and the Throbbing Members at the 2009 Burn 24 Hour Challenge, so maybe I'll have something else to talk about for awhile...


dave said...

he's not pimping shamwow... he'sflipping you off.

Anonymous said...

Rich should sell shamwow!

nice azz!

Anonymous said...

I like your bum bum dirty

Anonymous said...

Before we talk about your booty; we first should deal with the question of why were you smiling when there was a rider bending over in front of you on the trail?

Not that there's anything wrong with it ...

But in all seriousness, it's like Obama to USA-ians, bend over.


Gregorio said...

The beer was flowing like mud at this years edition of DSG and I had plenty of both.

I too am indebted to the expeditious Marsupial for his timely photojournalism and pictorially recording you (Team Dicky) and I (your biggest fan) engaged in some sort of negotiation that I have a slightly different recollection of. I recall agreeing to buy a Moots in every month that has an "r" in it. I will be monitoring my card statement for any erroneous charges that might be presented in other months.

Dicky, good luck at the Burn 24 and look forward to seeing you at Fools Gold.