Wednesday, June 24

Cowbell Damage Report

After the Cowbell it was time to assess the damage done to both me and the bike. Apparently my Thomson faceplate figured out a way to get to the rocks on Saturday:

I have another faceplate laying around, but I think I'll leave this one on to remind me of the good times.

As I went over the bike I noticed my rear tire was low. I stuck it in a tub to check for leaks, but I never saw any air bubbles. Looking closer I saw the tell tale Stan's burp sputum on the sidewall, and I remembered rolling off the side of one of the skinny bridges early in the race. I put a gauge to the tire, and it came up with 10.5 PSI. Now I am more convinced than ever that my brain had actually melted because that means I never realized I was rolling around with incredibly low pressure for hours. I knew I'd suffered some brain melt, as Big Worm told me when I was quitting/not quitting I wasn't speaking clearly and quite possibly another language. Even when I got home The Pie said I was slurring my words. I was wondering why I had such great traction going up that final loose, rocky climb on the last four or so laps (and also why my bike felt slower than normal).

How am I doing?

This is bending nicely again (as if I had a choice with my line of work). It's still sore and a little swollen, but nothing that won't be healed up in a week.. I think. My shoulder is still sore and I think the stress of the race gave me a nice cold sore and a swollen lymph node. Definitely the signs of making great bike race.

Even with a Master's podium I'm still a bit disappointed. The wreck took a lot out of me, and I faded away from folks like Dejay, Eric Hagerty, Dave Hall and a few others I had my eye on. My lap times were downright miserable after the fall, and... blah, blah, blah. Wrecks happen, and I need to get over it I guess. Live to fight another day and all that shit.

One week till I leave for Colorado. Nothing packed, some things still in the air, and I get to watch my bruise go away to pass the time.


Luis G. said...

Typical after 40 handling second you're blasting through the trail and the next you've fallen and can't get up... ;)

Good luck up thar in the thin air!

weak and feeble said...

good luck healing. looking forward to your Breck report.

The Evil MGE! said...

Yo Dicky!

Get yourself some Arnica cream along with Arnica pills. My wife turned me on to it years ago when I hit a tree with my thigh going in excess of 20 mph. I thought I had broken my leg but it just turned into a really bad bruise but I couldn't bend my leg due to the swelling. I started taking the pills and within hours I was able to get movement out of my leg. I keep a small bottle with me now as it helps with that heavy leg feeling from multiple days of hard riding.

Anonymous said...

You should have went with the bmx stem. It looks sweet with the 6 bolt face plate.

I sure hope that is a finger!!

verification word - reepheat
I think it fits!

cornfed said...

Sounds like it's time for bigger wheels. Moon Cheese bikes are for the four oh crowd.

wv: ceteri = 1. a gaggle of Peter Cetera's. 2. a secret cult of Peter Cetera followers.

Kris Simons said...

Hey Bud

Just some guy from Colorado who reads your blog from time to time. My advice on elevation and beer. DONT DO IT! I love kicking back a tall one after a race in Utah, New Mexico, or back home in Pennsylvania but it seriously screws with you bad, especially up where you will be racing. I know it will be tempting since there are so many breweries out here but just hold off until the race is over. Do well man. Enjoy the scenery.