Tuesday, June 23

Move along....

I get to play the card one more time before I leave:

The third and final installment of my Breck Epic pre-race blogs has been posted over at Once again I have spewed forth 1,000+ words that you won't see here, so you have to go there to get your "Dick on". References to Mork and Mindy, Danny Trejo, and that evil-doer Charlie Hayes abound, and you're not gonna know what all the buzz is about at the water cooler this morning if you don't read it (Is there actually more than one person in your workplace reading my blog? Do you actually have a water cooler?).

I assure you it's worth reading. I spend way more time writing that stuff for the other guys than I do on my ramblings here. I get way more creative and use things like adverbs and adjectives, and I even check my grammar. Admittedly the editor at Mountain Bike (Jasen Thorpe) goes through each article and inserts some grammatical errors to keep the whole thing more "genuine"... you know, more "Team Dicky"? Whatever. He's the one with the "job" and the cool title...

I leave in one week for Breck. Can you feel it baby?

I can. Come get awesome with me.

If you missed the first two pre-Breck Epic articles you should call in sick and read them now:

Breck Epic Blog: Undies or Brakes? And Other Crucial Decisions

Breck Epic Blog: Un-Training


allan said...

The Awesome Strap folks should sponsor you. Your blog just made a sale for them.

dicky said...

Our lawyers are currently in a quiet room shoving numbers scribbled on pieces of paper back and forth as we speak.

Anonymous said...

dude, the "old Mexican" comment was the best. hilarious.