Tuesday, June 9

Guess who's on Facebook??

Don't ask me. I wouldn't know. I know a shit ton of people are using it, but I have been dragging my heels when it comes to jumping on board. For what it's worth The Boy has been on it for quite some time now, and when The Pie came back from Haiti she signed on to keep up with the other volunteers she met while she was in the orphanage.

I've been asked to join a couple "groups" in order to form some kinda think tank brain trust (of an apparently low order since I was asked to come aboard). Fellow endurance bloggers have sent me the "be my friend" email to join, but I have balked at the opportunity every time. With the same reluctance I had when it came to owning a cellphone (The Pie bought me one for Christmas a few years ago) I feel like I want to limit my contact with the outside world when I can... I don't know how to explain it, but my desire to not fall further into the clutches of the interweb are strong.

On Sunday's ride the big, scary professional riders had to make sure not to step on our little Oompa Loompa friend when we were checking up.

"He's so cute and tiny and not paid to race bikes."

I am aware that it seems like everybody is on Facebook. I'll admit that I've been to the Facebook site to nose around, but without being a Facebooker you really can't look around much inside the world of Facebook. You have to sign up to look around, and I just haven't been able to commit to the idea of keeping up with yet another interweb identity outlet. The closest thing I can get to an intro to Facebook is their "help page", which I found did nothing to "help" me decide on whether I want to Facebook or not.

Dejay was trying to figure out if he could fit another snake in his pants.

All three of the people I was riding with on Sunday do the Facebook thing, and two of my three family members I returned home to also have Facebook going on (Fajita can only use the computer for games, and she's too young for Facebook). Sometimes I feel as if I'm being left behind, but then I feel like that's the way Facebook wants me to feel in order to fall victim to the Facebookiness of it all.

So, do I make the leap? Would it matter to you, the loyal reader(s) of my blog, if I was on Facebook? Am I gonna wince every time I get an email informing me that someone wants to be my "friend"? Am I gonna piss away even more time on the computer keeping up with my "page" or "wall" or my "poke' or whatever it is? Do I sign up as a celebrity or a normal human? Do you have to be more like Bono to be a celebrity or more like William Hung?

You tell me, is it REALLY worth the effort?


Morning weight report
135.0 lbs
8.0 BF


Anonymous said...

Facebook is soooooo 2008.

2009 is all about QUITING Facebook.

Plus, don't join unless you want every woman you've ever put your dick in to contact you.


Tomi said...

hey you're almost back down to last week's weight.

(errrr, gainer?)

allan said...

I second what E said. I waste entierely to much time on it.

the original big ring said...

Crackbook. Not for me. I already waste too much time reading blogs & doing the blog thing so that I can stay in your "Regular Doses" column.
I have no interest whatsoever in hearing about how Johnny MacKinnon is doing in Marion Bridge, Cape Breton working at his father's gas station and going to Smooth Herman's on the weekend to drink.

But if you join, could you contact Johnny for me and find out how he's doing?


springer said...

DON'T DO IT MAN!!! IT WILL SUCK YOU IN AND NEVER LET YOU GO. Kind of like Myrtle beach does, it makes you believe it is really awesome, brainwashes you and you keep gogin back. you have no idea why, and you know it sucks, but you keep going back.....RUN!!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. You end up getting back in touch with people you lost touch with (most for good reasons). If you want stay in touch with people pick up the telephone and have a real conversation, or hop in that box you call a car and go see them.

Anonymous said...

What the last guy said - it's a freakin waste of time and all the people you stopped being friends with for a good reason will all want to "friend"'s crap. You already post your every waking move here - why duplicate your efforts?

dicky said...


So I'd have seven built-in friends?

The rest of you,

I've been told by the "experts" that my blog would feed directly into Facebook with no effort.

Would the rest of what it is be that much of a pain?

Agreed on the fact that I probably lost touch with certain people because of time/space issues, so why renew old friendships when it would be a huge pain to continue (although I might get some sweet mullet/rat tail photos emailed to me)?

Guitar Ted said...

Facebook is kinda lame, and I can say that since I am on there.

Twitter is where its at. And you, the cycling king of e-mail, should have no issues with Twitter. Besides, all the freaks, stalkers, and ghosts from your past haven't caught up with Twitter yet, so it seems to be a safe haven. (so far!) And yes, I'm on there too.

Anonymous said...

It's really great for learning lots of useless information about uninteresting people who, like you will slowly turn into, haven't been in contact with you because you either 1) don't have anything in common or 2) never really cared if elephants fell from the sky and landed on them.

The upside is it is cool for keeping up with who's riding what, where, when, how far, how gruesome it was, how slow or how boring. If everyone would quit posting pictures of their rugrats and more pics of their bikes, it'd be so much better!!

Grant said...


As soon as you asked the question it was answered. The mere fact that you are asking tells me without a doubt that you'll be signed up within 30 days. Too predictable...way too.

I'd see whether they have access to this trash in Canada as the deciding factor. Peeetuh???

Me, I'm signed up; but way too anonymously to actually interact with anyone. I've regretted it ever since I woke up. Sorta like that bad decision after a four day bender. You know...the one involving the full figured gal with the interesting tattoos and charming facial hair.

Back away from the edge!


dicky said...


I now assure you that if I do in fact sign up I will wait 31 days just to prove you wrong.

Chris said...

They have Facebook available here in Kanuckistan. Yeah I'm on it and barely post on it.

Anonymous said...

So you want to add something to your schedule of work, blogging, riding, family?
Good idea.
I could stand for you to be heavier and slower.
E- bad experience?


jkeiffer said...

7 built in friends? You didn't get out much huh? Way to own it though. lol you are too funny. You now officially have more Facebook experience than I do.

P.S. that's the first time I've ever typed FB.

Luis G. said...

Do it... I have to warn you though some people portray a different internet persona (i.e. Blair is straight on facebook, go figure)

Parker said...

facebook is for sucks.
it's just more reality tv. i say scrap it and spend more time playing with dogs and eating cookies.

Leyonce said...

Don't bother. It's a black hole waste of time. I don't see it serving any purpose for you. I would think time is at a premium with the BE coming up.

Anonymous said...

gf is on facebook. It's like an addiction!!! I purchased some spy ware thinking she was on dating sites or something (she'd be on that facebook thing for hours and when I tried to take her off, she'd go nuts!).
Facebook, its like google... they probably take your information and pon it off to the highest bidder. You don't get a cent.

Take note also, when you go into home depot. Notice all the cameras. Every single one of those cameras are calculating your every move (just like face book most likely). There is money to be made in classifying people and selling that to marketing firms!!! big money.
So, do a little dance.
Don't expose yourself too much to the outside world.
For if you do, you will be judged and put in the slammer!
I like blogs though. It's optional to read... you don't have to tell anyone about yourself.
You can keep your pecker in your pants or expose yourself as you may...

Ryan said...

For the love of all things holy (or holey) do not join facebook. They are just trying to make everyone join so that the world will be too preoccupied to notice when they blowup the sun; or at least that was my vague understanding of the new "facebook user rights, or lack thereof", I think it's under the "we are not responsible for your ignorance in our scheme for world domination" clause.
Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Doug Brummett said...

Built in friends, is that what yer gonna call them? Stay strong. Avoid it. Heck, you have already made it through the myspace age. Give it another year and facebook will be done. And just think, you will not have been part of the experiment.

Anonymous said...

Don't. I speak for those of us who are on just because their wife is and/or those who gave into peer pressure...lead the fight against facebook and cell phones and all that makes the world fall in to this warped, false sense of urgency & neediness.


gmatt said...

FB is a waste of time.. I use it to keep friends and family aware of what my 1 yr old daughter does.. since she cant just yet.. stay with your blog.. or if u do join.. copy and paste?

Wicki said...

BTW, Dicky, 1 of the 3 riders this weekend did NOT have a FB account when you rode with (eh-em) her. She was FORCED into creating an additional interwebby thingy against her sanity and has spent (already) way TOO much time just trying to figure out how to do the basic thingamawhosies and whatnots. Skip it. I'm with you (not with-you unfortunately) on keeping as much distance from the noise as possible. I'm already dumber having it in my life.

Namrita O'Dea said...

Don't do it. I'm over FB. Now, twitter..I like it.