Wednesday, June 10

Webular Stuff

Just a little update on the inside scoop here at Bad Idea Racing:

The last couple of days I have seen a record number of hits for a Monday and Tuesday. I'm seeing the kinda numbers that pop up early in the week after I've actually done an event, but this weekend was just an ordinary average weekend. Of course I did get to ride with two mega-celebrities, but nobody (including me) knew I was going to be riding with them in any advanced notice kinda way. I can't put my finger on the pulse of the people, so I have no idea what's going on.

It certainly has nothing to do with this guy. He recently posted the top FIFTY cycling related blogs, and I'm sorry to say this blog your reading now is not one of them. It's okay if you feel a little empty right now, so feel free to click over on the link and find a better way to spend your five minutes of screen time. He claims that he looked "at over 100 cycling blogs" and that "the rank is based on a number of elements such as Google Pagerank, Twitter Rank, Alexa Rank, number of comments and Technorati Authority". Perhaps my rank is so disgustingly low since my blog (the current one at is only a little over five months old, or maybe because it actually sucks. Perhaps the ranking systems at Google, Twitter, Alexa, and Technorati are controlled by the Skull and Bones Society. Dunno.

I'll admit I clicked on some of the blogs on the list just to see what they were about. There was no sense clicking on Fatty, Snob, or the Drunk Cyclist since I know what's going on in Fatty's life, I read Snob once a week, and I go to Johnny's when I have trouble finding porn on the internet. I went to the more obscure ones (not you Guitar Ted)... the ones I've never seen before to see what I was missing. I'm not gonna name names, but I have to admit I felt slightly slighted to not be amongst the ranks of the fifty best cycling blogs IN THE WORLD considering some of the word turds that made the list. It might not be the Skull and Bones connection keeping me out, but perhaps since this guy is known as the "London Cyclist" he was upset by all the times I've linked to the George Washington video and mentioned I would like a 36" wheeled bike so I could run over British children.

Maybe the London Cyclist didn't realize I'm already listed as one of the "Best Cycling Blogs" over on a more respectable site that keeps track of such things. Maybe it's because I don't Facebook (man, you folks were a bunch of haters yesterday). Whatever, I popped a few Oxycontin this morning, so I'm over it now.

More webular musings?

Of course.

Since I have more people coming here on a daily basis the noobies have been looking at my results page. Updates had to be made to keep up with the current times. I used to have this image as the header:

I realized that I'm riding the Bad Idea Racing 2007.5-2008.5 team issue frame. Since I ride for MOOTS now and they have standards to uphold I pulled the image and replaced it with this:

Yes, this picture sucks, but I don't have a non-blurred image of me looking ultra sexy on my MOOTS in my MOOTSkit being all MOOTSey. As soon as I get one I'll be sure to dress it up with some lame text and replace it, but for now that's what you get.

One might also notice (if one clicked over to my results) that I never updated my race information since PMBAR. Some of you might point out that I have raced twice since then, and I didn't bother to include those results. Honestly I'm still trying to convince myself that what happened at DSG was some kind of twisted dream. I've had dreams before where I'm running with my bike and things don't make sense and weird stuff happens and I'm on the course forever and... yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a dream. If it wasn't a dream I'm not sure if there's a proper way to quantify what happened that weekend in terms of results. I guess I could just brag about the fact that Thad and I were not listed amongst the "killed or missing in action". The Burn 24 Hour Challenge? That was just a camping trip with friends with intermittent bouts of pain, so it's not going up there either.

One more thing before I leave you this morning...

Morning weight report
134.0 lbs
7.9% BF

There you have it. I'm back down to last Friday's weight and officially five days behind schedule. The only thing I have going for me is that The Pie is taking the children to the beach so I'll have some time for extra riding, and I can cook what I want for dinner (styrofoam peanuts in vinegar gravy).

For those of you that get excited over such things (I'm talking to you Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels) I now have enough data to justify a graph.

While the results (and the graph itself) are not very impressive I probably burned an extra 37 calories creating it.



the original big ring said...

WTF? I'm not on it either.

Death to the British!

cornfed said...

pfft. I don't even make my own list of blogs. Your blog is cooler having not made the list. It's that blog in high school with the leather jacket and the ciggy's hanging out in the vocational arts hall looking all bad ass while the jocks strut by like Labrador puppies in their matching jackets led by their cheerleeder girl friends, who are busy checking you out. You know, they want to hang with you but don't want anyone to know about it. What would mom think anyway? Besides theres no future with you.

Tomi said...

there're blog rankings?

Anonymous said...

Sweet legend on the graph!

Anonymous said...

I love you Richy boy!
That was me searching for porn on those days you had peak performance on your blog site (max hits).
I'd type in - "sexy young bitch"
your site would pop up every time!

I'm going to send you a cake and fk up your BF index!

Doug Brummett said...

Dang, droppin Blue Steele on the crowd (or is that Magnum). I can't decide. Either way it MOOTSmug. Your weight data is the reason for increased traffic. Not sure if I am waiting for success, failure, or if it is just the siren promise of a blog entry every day. Whatever it is I'll be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed there will be more graphs and stuff.

Big Bikes said...

I'm going to compile my own top fifty best cycling blogs list and not put that guy on it. That'll show him. Or maybe it won't because he doesn't read my blog...or maybe he does and that's exactly why I'm not on the list.

I like when you photo-shopped your face onto the body of that guy in the Moots jacket. Seamless execution.

I think I've made that joke before.