Thursday, June 11

More webular stuff and other stuff

I ran outta time to cover all my bases yesterday. There's more going on here than I was able to mention in the time I had before heading out on my massive one hour "training" ride, so here's some more news worth mentioning.

You may not have noticed, but Faces of Dicky (that madcap anonymous entity that mocked me through the use of photoshop and wordplay) has died. There has been no activity since April 27th, so I am assuming the dream is over. It was fun while it lasted, but the thrill is gone.

I also added a new thing on my sidebar labeled Bike "News". I wanted to just stick them in the Regular Doses, but something to do with the RSS feed thing was F-ing it up, so I had to do it the way you see over there on the right.

What's in Bike "News"? - I had this website on here for awhile. It has everything you wanted to know and everything you didn't even know you wanted to know. Now you know.

Cycling Dirt
- Wanna see a video featuring Harlan Price talking about the importance of penis length in endurance racing or and interview with Jeremiah Bishop where he tells the world what he would weigh if he lived on the moon? Well they've never talked about such things, but if they did Cycling Dirt would have digitally recorded it for you so you could watch it.
- We all know they dislike me over there, but they do have decent coverage and whatnot, so they get a link despite their vehement hatred towards me. - My Breck Epic blog stuff shows up there, so they are obviously on to something. Read, enjoy, and send them an email telling them they should be paying me for my excellent work.

MTB Race News - Stumbled on it, liked it, linked it, nuff said.

One more piece of webular news before going on to our regularly scheduled program. Remember the post when I showed my DSG mud covered ass?

I lost two followers that day. I miss you very much. Please come back. I promise I will not show my ass again on the blog this month.

And now our regularly scheduled program:

Last night I had no parental supervision with The Pie and the kids outta town. In the last hour of my work day I decided to ride home as fast as I could, feed and poop the dogs, pack my shit, and head out the door to the local summer XC race less than eight miles from my house. When I got home everything went super smooth as I packed my saddle bag with a tube, tool, CO2, I.D., and $20, so once the dogs placed their collective feces in the yard I time trialed to the race.

I got there minutes before the start, cheered on some folks, BS'ed with some non-racery types, and generally lolly gagged about. When it started getting late I made my way towards home across the urban sprawl. Less than two miles into my ride I felt a thunk-thunk-thunk from my rear wheel. I stopped, looked down, and found a nail had gone through my tire and all the way through my Stan's Arch rim. Meh.

The culprit.

I flipped the bike over and pulled out my shit. CO2, 6mm to remove my Phil Wood hub, tube, tire levers... tire levers... tire levers??? Shit. No way I was getting this 700 X 32 wire bead commuter tire off without levers. Shit.

I rode away from my unhappy place, towards my house, on my flat tire, with my nuts on the stem, hoping to beat the darkness. I passsed the Park Road Shopping Center and wheeled past Bike Source to see that I missed closing time by five minutes. A half mile later I passed Bike Sport, and I saw Ilan's (Bike Sport owner and happy all around guy) vehicle outside. I wasn't gonna knock on the door since I saw the CLOSED sign, but I circled around the parking lot a coupla times peering into the windows. Luckily Ilan passed by, saw me, asked me what was up, and allowed me to come slinking into his shop with my head hung low.

I swapped my tube for my spare. It was torn, so once again Ilan came to my rescue with a fresh tube. I rode home the rest of the way with a happy tire watching the lightning shoot between the clouds. It's good to have friends.

Morning weight report
132.8 lbs
8.6% BF

I can smell the chemicals!!!


Guitar Ted said...

That nail went "through" your Stan's rim?

That's hard to believe, but if it did, then can we see the evidence?

That would be awesome. Please?

dicky said...


When I get around to it (probably never).

It punched a hole through the inner wall and dimpled the outer wall between the spokes.

Peter Keiller said...

instead of riding single handed to practice your QE2 wave and smile, watch where you're riding.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture!! Someone with talent must have made that photoshop work.

Are you sure that was before a #2? That is a good drop for one day. Too bad it will be back up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Rich- I've had great success using QR levers as tire levers in a pinch.

dicky said...


Thought of that, but my 5mm bolt-ons do no good there.

Best thing I had was my house key and a floppy mutli-tool.

Anonymous said...

yah need a good kick to the nuts like that every so often... its like a sanity check or maybe in-sanity check.
I typically get caught in the forest at least once a year without the proper tools (esp a chain tool).

hate nails - big infrastructure projects suck shit. Brings more road crud...
(I think there are a couple of places on the planet, that if a construction site gets caught leaving road crud in public places they can get fined big time...)