Friday, June 12

It's not always (all) about me

I realize I haven't even got the Breck Epic outta the way yet, and I'm already feeling stoked about another stage race for 2009. Yes, I'm a spoiled rotten dick head. Even though I'm gonna get to race for six days in beautiful Colorado in less then three weeks my eyes are already on another bout of self inflicted suffering on a bike in the mountains this October. I'm talking about the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race.

The two stage races have a few things in common, and a few differences. They both start and finish in the same general area every day to save on the logistics portion, they're both in the US and A, and they both offer a single speed category. Breck Epic is six days, 200 miles and 40,000 feet of climbing, and PMBSR is four days, 145 miles, and 38,000 feet of climbing. Breckenridge has shorter days, but due to the fact that everything is above 10,000 feet I'm VERY okay with that. A lot of the BE will be above the tree line, while PMBSR will be under the fading canopy of the NC mountains in mid-fall.

The upsides for PMBSR (for me) are many. I'll be able to get there and back on a tank of gas. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get some floor space nearby, or if I have to I can just sleep in the back of my car a few nights, so my outta pocket expenses after I pay for the race are way less than $100. The course has been laid out on trails I've been on countless times, so I'll know where I am at the whole time, where the aid stations are, and where I can really put the hammer down, albeit a small ball peen hammer, a hammer none the less.

I say who's house???

That's right, my house.

Todd Branham (promoter of the most important race on the international cycling calender) was recently interviewed on, and although he didn't mention the importance of Harlan Price's penis size in endurance racing or Jeremiah Bishop's weight on the moon he did give a quick break down of what you can expect at PMBSR.

I know some folks would say that both races are expensive compared to say.... riding your bike out on the same trails by yourself or perhaps with your friends. You are correct, but both races are comparatively reasonably priced when compared with other stage races, and as opposed to just riding your bike you're RACING. I like racing, so I pay for it... unless Todd has a blogger's grant contest, in which case I would do my best to rig another election (you're welcome Obama).

And now for the real reason you keep coming back every day...

Morning weight report
133.2 lbs
8.0% BF

Obviously yesterday's weight was a scientific anomaly caused by my ill advised ride to the local XC race. Combined with my commute home I rode over two hours with some decent heat/humidity mixed in with just one water bottle consumed followed up by a beer for recovery. That's where that BF monitor comes in handy as the 132.8 and 8.9% BFI indicated that I was actually dehydrated and not defat-ated.

I am now officially 1.2lbs behind schedule, and I only have three weeks to go. Just in case you forgot my goal is to get into the 126.something range, but when I'm referring to a target weight 126 is the magic number.

Looks like this weekend will be a real make or break for me.


Anonymous said...

Can you add a second set of coordinates that map out body fat % over time? That might allow us to better understand the relationship between weight loss and Fjear.

Luis G. said...

Man, the routes for the Pisgah Stage Race look sweet... If only I had a good leg and some extra $$.

drew said...

I can offer you a guest bedroom for the pisgah race... I'm probobly going to give it a go as well.

dicky said...

hey Droo,

How close are you to the venue?
What about the nearest bar?

drew said...

Currently about .3 miles from a few bars. I'm not sure the distance from the venue but I'm not that far. I'm in west asheville.

Anonymous said...

can't do brek this year. No dough
Might do Pisgah though if the price is right.
(I can't do any hundies either... too broke).
(in the past 3 years I have spent well over 20k on racing and bikes)

The Evil MGE! said...

Yo Dicky,

Might have to try to get out to see ya while your in town now that I live in Denver. Breck has got some killer riding and scenery. I'm missing Pisgah occasionally but the opportunities to explore here are boundless.