Friday, June 5

Next in line?? *pause* Not

Rain is imminent today. There's some good and bad sides to that. Sure I don't like being wet. Currently The Fastest Bike in the World (my only bike that has a worthwhile rear fender) is out at Drake Coatings (he's experimenting on it with pinstripes of an undetermined color). The radar shows a big mean blob that will keep me from doing any more miles than necessary on the way to work, and I wore my fastest drying shorts yesterday in anticipation of a rain that never came, so if I wanna wear them again today I'll have to pull them outta the dirty clothes pile all stank and nasty (I will).

So what's the good side?

Taste of Charlotte starts today. It's kinda like the NASCAR Speed Street festival, except with less stock cars to gawk at, fewer Earnhardt shirts to be purchased, and a slightly higher IQ. Basically it's just food, which means it's really beyond me that people attend this event as I thought food was readily available all over the place, and that there is no specific need to clog up downtown Charlotte to hawk it outta small white tents.

Here's what I get to ride through today:

That's not my photo. It's actually from the Taste of Charlotte website, as if seeing that you will have to wade through a crowd of people in order to stand in line to purchase tokens with your hardly earned money in order to exchange said tokens for three ribs at an exchange rate that's just slightly removed enough from the green stuff that just left your wallet so that you're not aware of the fact that those three ribs served to you on a paper plate cost you over $7.50.

"Rain... rain will make them stay away, won't it Precious. They doesn't like the rain, does they? More ribses for us then, eh Precious?"


Misanthropy aside, I hope to have a great weekend. I've promised myself that I would get out for 40+ miles of off road pleasure, but the rain may put a kibosh on my plans. I'm staring at my road bike right now, and it's hiding back in the corner hoping to make it outside if it could just get over it's severe agoraphobia.

Yes, this photo was taken BEFORE The Fastest Bike in the World headed over to Drake, but whatever... you get the point. That's my road bike back there singing one of Dio's greatest hits to itself, Last in Line.

Morning weight report
134.0 lbs
6.9% BF

Two pounds in one week, on track for ten in five... success!

And for your pleasure, the sadistic side of the English Government Cheese Program:


Big Bikes said...

Judging by the costumes, Cheese Rolling is a lot like SSWC, without bikes, and with way more people getting carried out on stretchers.


springer said...

AHHH Discky's Quiver, its so pretty.

mexican assassin said...

big ole fat tubed cannondale = 134lbs potty mouthed cyclist rectal wrecker

Anonymous said...

Cheese rolling looks like a fun event. Super-d with tumbling. The guy in the moto suit kicked butt.

cornfed said...

My weigh in at 6 the morning says I've dropped 3.5 lbs this week. Piddly lil' 2 pounder...

Then again I'm a more manly 161 lbs and not a so pro with teenage high school girl weight

dicky said...

Cornfed Thadsupial,


It's not my fault you can't afford food.

dirtdirt's dirt said...

are you and dio about the same size?

dicky said...

dirtdirt's dirt,

Why? Do you have some of his old clothes??