Wednesday, July 22

Can I get any better looking?

Every year I wonder what to wear when hunting season comes to my neck of the woods. I thought I would be safe this year wearing the brilliant blue MOOTS jersey I got this spring, but as luck would have it the North Carolina Game Commission has decided to have an open season on the brilliant blue warbler since it's population is getting outta hand in Pisgah.

Human VS brilliant blue warbler conflicts are on the rise, and three hikers have had their shiny set of keys lifted from their packs and one Boy Scout had his retainer come up missing from his tent (this is still under investigation since it involves a minor). Not wanting to be mistaken for a brilliant blue warbler I was just going to avoid Pisgah as long as the brilliant blue warbler hunters were out there with their shotguns (with an additional weekend reserved for crossbow enthusiasts). Twin Six musta got the memo, and to show their concern they sent me one of their new designs (in hunter safety orange).

This is the M.O.R.C. jersey and matching set of bibs. It takes a few fashion cues from one of my old favorite jerseys (The Buck) with the addition of a SLEEVELESS option and some props to the group that is responsible for a creating, improving and maintaining the trails in Minnesota.

They added another coveted piece of gear to my wardrobe in my fluffy package of happy.

Elden (Fatty) has been on my mind a lot lately. His wife Susan has been having a pretty tough go at it lately, and I just can't get their situation off my mind sometimes. That's all I can really say about that without going off the deep end with a bunch of sad thoughts that clog my head from time to time when ever the topic of cancer goes through my head, but suffice to say I will wear this jersey A LOT with pride.

It's got all the colors of my rainbow in it; pink, black, and white. It's as sleeveless as the day is long (once again, I still don't get what that means), and since it's mostly black it's very slimming. I do feel a little strange sporting the jersey of a fellow blogger, but we all know Fatty's is a blogger of a higher order. You know I'd wear a 2009 Bad Idea Racing jersey if Pete-unh would have ever stopped working so hard selling bikes, bars, cogs and whatnot trying to feed his family and spent some thankless, non-profit time designing it... whatever.

Since the 2009 "season" is almost over I've all but given up on a Bad Idea Racing jersey this year. Next year I'm thinking about having some kind of design competition. Maybe take submissions in December, have a poll in January, take orders in February, and then by Spring we could have shit ton of Dick Supporters riding around in the woods for 2010. Sound good??

Isn't there a race this weekend?


cornfed said...

You kinda look like the great pumpkin in the morc kit there charlie brown.

Fatty said...

Thanks, man. A lot.

Anonymous said...

hope you and your pretty clothes get rocked this sunday

dicky said...

Is there a race this Sunday???

Unibiker said...

Rock the pink one at the 24 HOB