Friday, July 31

No ORAMM today??

As much as I'd like to continue on with the ORAMM theme some things just take precedence at this time. Endurance racing phenom and hair gel enthusiast Jeremiah Bishop was injured in stage three of the Intermontane Challenge the other day. This is from

Initial reports indicate that Bishop finished the stage but had to be taken to hospital shortly after where he was diagnosed with compression fractures of his T4 and T5 vertebrae as reported on the Monavie team web site. The injury to his spinal column did not affect his neurologic function.

Acording to the MonaVie/Cannondale site "Jeremiah will likely be out of action for a while, including the Leadville 100 which was a major focus". This means he will be missing the big throwdown at the Wiens/Lance Leadville 100 (MV/C site) and he may even miss the Marathon Worlds. I wonder who's gonna fill in his shoes and travel to Austria with Harlan to represent the US and A?

Oh, I know.....
Pick me, pick me!!!!

Get well soon JB.

In other news....

A coupla days ago a cyclist died in Charlotte when he blew a stop sign and hit a car. While this is sad and was certainly quite avoidable, at least it makes a great news story for the local paper. They seem to like to stir the pot whenever a cyclist dies (I think people die in Charlotte all the time w/o it necessarily making the paper). Luckily some intelligent person was quick to point out the major issue with cyclists in the Queen City.

unclegeorge wrote on 07/30/2009 07:34:45 AM:

It is a wonder that one of those downtown bike delivery idiots hasn't gotten squashed yet. The police ought to write them tickets every time they run lights, cross over double yellow lines, etc...

It's not every day your profession gets called out in the local paper. Luckily Uncle George has figured out that the 8-9 bike messengers... sorry, bike delivery idiots (half of which are just part timers) are such a nuisance in the uptown. Nevermind the people speeding through town, running red lights, making illegal turns, driving down bike lanes, sight seeing, texting, talking on cell phones, reading the paper, doing crosswords, applying much needed make up, stopping in no stopping zones, parking in no parking zones, and generally mindlessly operating two ton vehicles. Forget the pedestrians jaywalking across the street that I have personally seen hit by cars as they ignorantly shuffle across the street unaware that the rest of the world doesn't yield when you're in a hurry to get to Bojangles.

Fjear me, I am the new Lone Rider of the Apocalypse.



Start sending thos emails to USACycling letting them know that Team Dicky needs to represent in Austria next month. I may (will) not get on the podium, but I'll have a crak-a-lackin' time. Yeah, I know they got rules, but I'm a bike messenger, so rules don't apply to me.


Big Bikes said...

I do find it amazing that you don't vent more about your job. I almost began to think it was part of some "Dicky Code" which precludes you from speaking of all things work related.

I was not blogging during my time as a messenger, I'm afraid if I had been I would have yammered about it daily. I just commute for an hour and half a day and I can't help but blab about how fucktarded drivers are.


AdamB said...

Nice trophy! Be careful when that rotor gets hot every time you relive the Heartbreak descent in your mind.

BTW, did you wind up running your typical 32x19 gear or did you try the new 32x18 secret gear you mentioned a couple weeks back?



dicky said...

Nope, I tried 32X20 this year.

I have no idea if it made a difference or not.

TheMutt said...

Nice post today. I see all of the hazards you have to encounter Uptown (and the surrounding areas), and all I can say is that you must be one hell of a messenger to be alive in this city for this long. Godspeed, Sir Dicky, Godspeed.

Tomi said...

yeah it made a difference, you were SLOWER. :P

Peter Keiller said...

DICKY for Marathon worlds!

i am currently tying notes with that exact slogan to bricks...if enough of them make it to Colorado're GOLD!

Anonymous said...

He will go, and then they will pull him from the start line. No sleeves on your jersey =automatic DQ.
Start calling Moots first.


CB2 said...

I once saw a lady eating a bowl of soup while driving

Unibiker said...

I always enjoy seeing people
j-walking with umbrellas. It seems like they always step out in to traffic with it open and to the side. Blocking any chance of seeing an on comming car. People for the most part are just stupid. Uncle Jorge is a at home now jacking it to kiddie porn and wishing his Biggie Sized American Ars could ride a bike.