Friday, July 24

So much to cover

So little time

Here's some stuff I figured you should know.

Our friend Harlan Price has been selected to represent the US and A at the Marathon World Championship in Austria. How cool is that? If I read everything correctly USACycling DOES NOT help with the expenses of getting there. I mighta heard that you even have to buy your own US and A jersey to wear while racing. As far as I know Harlan's going, so that means he's going on his own dime. Where did my bailout money go?? I thought USACycling got their share of the TARP money. Maybe he'll be so excited about his inclusion in this stellar international event that he'll actually blog about it... probably not.

Harlan's dog has never been to Austria. So sad.

Todd Branham (Blue Ridge Adventures promoter) is going to be experimenting this year at ORAMM. From the ORAMM blog (yes, the race has become self aware and writes its very own blog):

GPS Race Tracker

We're going to be testing out a new thing this year...GPS tracking. A handful of the top riders will be equipped with a GPS unit that will track their movements on a fancy little computer program. This should allow us to give spectators an accurate idea of when the top finishers will be crossing the finish line. Pretty cool. Thanks to AMB i.t. (Champion Chip) for making this possible. We look forward to seeing how this new technology will work for backcountry mountain biking.

Tracking the top racers? How cool for folks like Sam Koerber, Garth Prosser, Andy Applegate, and the like. The whole world will know just how awesome they are this Sunday in a live, almost VStv kinda way.

Well this morning I got this email:

Hi all (and Rich Dillen),

We are trying something new this year and asking some of the top riders (and Rich Dillen) to wear GPS tracking devices. This is made possible to AMB it (Champion Chip) who is testing the new technology. Your family and friends (and blogstalkers) at home, as well as us at the finish line (greedily drinking all the beer) will be able to track your progress live on the internet. Live coverage will be available on We will be calling you out at the starting line to pick up the device in the 30 minutes preceding the race so the units maintain ultimate charge as long as possible (for slower riders like Rich Dillen).

Todd Branham
Blue Ridge Adventures
Long Cane Trails, LLC

So that means you can follow the race (AND ME) live this Sunday starting at 8:00am here (the course is already up). You, the blog fan (or hater) will be able to sit in the comfort of your home and cheer for me (or boo and heckle me). Live vicariously through my deeds represented by a blip on a screen. It will be better than being there. Wonder how heavy/bulky that thing is??

In other news...

I was expecting the Meatplow to show up yesterday via the brown bus. The Pie (who works from home) called me at 1:40 to tell me that while she was vacuuming the yellow note got left on the door.

Checked off were "first attempt" and what she told me over the phone was "left at front door" and "left at back door". She did not see my bike at either door, and was wondering where my bike was. I flipped out, got to a computer, checked the tracking, and it was listed as "delivered" and "left at RR door". I called UPS and they said "look around, sometimes the driver will hide it". Awesome. Call The Pie back, but she can't answer because she's on a business call... Tick, tick, tick...

I'm pretty much convinced my bike was stolen in the short amount of time it was outside. When The Pie called me back I asked her to walk around the house and look a little more closely for a LARGE BLACK BIKE CASE WEIGHING 45 POUNDS. I waited on the other end of the line as she crept around the house looking for my box before I heard the words "There it is".

The Meatplow is back.

I'm ready for the race now. I got everything I need.

By the way, saw this on Gwad's site, and felt it was worth a look see. You can keep you Aarron McSkillet, give me an emo kid with no helmet, big testicles, and no respect for his own life and limb.

LATE UPDATE: It would seem that Todd has helped me figure out who my competition will be. The only other single speeder with a chip (lower right) is Geoffrey Bergmark, winner of the 12 Hours of Tsali this year. Ahhhh, the wonders of the interweb.

He da big feller, idn't he?


Anonymous said...

Me comment go through? or no.

Well I said, isn't there complaints about USAcycling and it collecting dues? So what does it do with cash? And how they be disorganized with races, sometimes.

Another thingy, reminds me about IMBA located in Boulder Colorado.

Does the Prez of that group like to ski or what; well I'm asking why isn't IMBA in Washington DC where they can petition for trails and park land? Honest question - don't attack me.

If you look up IMBA IRS 990 you'll see salary. There used to be a staff but now it's just one guy and has been for a while.

mattd said...

Maybe the weight of your GPS device will slow you down enough that I can pass you on CC? (that's assuming you're not already drinking beer at the finish by the time I reach RS#2)

Anonymous said...


I bought the back country strap you showed us last week. In my never ending quest to be like Dicky, I was about to order a Moots 29er SS to replace my million dollar Zion, when all of a sudden Velonews showed up in the mailbox. Right there in the middle of the magazine was Tomi McMiller in a story about epic races and the Breck Epic. I was so enamored with the site of a single speeder making it to the big time that instead of buying that Moots, I ordered 30 Tomicogs and a Salsa El Marichi last night. Now instead of riding around the woods pretending I am you, I can pretend I am Tomi instead. We know it is not about the bike, but it could be about the cogs, right??

Anonymous said...


Hey little buddy. If I cut my jersey sleeves off I would appear more svelte I suppose. I have only been consuming celery and rice cakes after 12 hours of Tsali; totally emaciated, but I got the loose jersey sleeves now.

You were flying last year. I am looking forward to a tough day.

Should be fun.

Geoffrey Bergmark