Wednesday, August 19

Big news (after this brief message from our sponsors)

Today's post will have to abbreviated. I know most of you are expecting a third day of Fool's Gold 2009 reflections, but I had to be up at 5:00am this morning to post up early so I could get out to Drake Coatings before work to pick up The Fastest Bike in the World. Tom Drake was doing some top secret experimenting on my frame, and although the experiment didn't work out so well this go around (the masking material was too sticky to get the pinstripes perfect) my frame and fork now have a fresh coat of some flashy candy blue to dazzle all the hipsters about town.

Speaking of hipsters...

I now have the one item that any self respecting vintage riding hipster should own:

Mike Piazza says "Hipsters give tight pants a bad name. Hey shiny new guy, ain't it kinda dark in here for pictures?".

Yes folks, you are looking at a NEW Cane Creek 100 THREADED ONE INCH headset!!!!

Professional quality photo ripped from the Cane Creek site, Mike Piazza was not available at the time

Never ones to let the past stand in the way of innovation, Cane Creek is now producing a headset you didn't even know you needed. Let's face it, those of us that are still embracing their old skool track frame with more affection than a last minute prom date needed this headset to exist. My old headset had seen better days, and The Fastest Bike in the World deserved something with a little more panache than a clapped out Vantage headset. This little piece of jewelry will put the "bad" in my bad-ass messenger bike that rules the mean streets of Charlotte with an iron fist. Hopefully I will have my ride that defines the word "fly" put together in all it's aluminum glory tonight.

In other news (that was broke here first) I WILL be going to SSWC09 in Durango next month. I must send a big thanks to George and Mandy of for agreeing to be my handlers for the seven whole days I'll be spending in Colorado. I'll have to put them in touch with Thad and Peter to get an idea of just how demanding of a guest I can be. They better break out the Sharpies and start striping all my Peanut M&M's now, or they're not gonna have enough time to do a whole five pound bag (as stated in my handler contract I must have five pounds of custom striped peanut M&M's available at all events).

Will there be more Fool's Gold stuff tomorrow? Maybe some more baby kissing or hand shaking to get your vote in Peter's contest? Dunno... we shall see.


cornfed said...

Not a single misfit item photo, just other spoonfeeders' products and a lame link to Peter... hmmm.... cheater.

dicky said...

The week isn't over Mister Thadington.

You are weak.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but me curious. Have you ever beat Fuzzy John in a race? If so, how did it go down?

Also, you ever think about writing tips for the new guy in the SS world?

dicky said...

I think I have never beat Fuzzy in a race. I do my best to kick better riders when they are down (injured, mechanical, bonked, etc.), but I have never been fortunate enough to be up against an unlucky Fuzzy.

I have beat plenty of people using this method including Cameron Chambers, Garth Prosser, Dejay Birtch, Tinker, Eatough... the list goes on and on. If they are having a weak moment I will attack without shame.

dicky said...

Single speed tips?

Take them from the master not the student.

Anonymous said...

That's cool, from what I'm reading he's a strong rider. I'm going to try that spin more idea so not to burn out. The other day I'm finishing a big ride, step over my frame and almost stumble over - im either drunk or bonking.

Unibiker said...

Man,I'm so outta the loop. When did a crappy threaded head set become hip? I musta thrown away 1/2 a dozzen in my messenger days. Since I went threadless years ago I've been nothing but smiles. I hate those Tight pants fixie fags. I have messenger bags older than most of them.

dicky said...


I prefer Neo-retro-emo.