Tuesday, August 18

Little bit of this, a little bit of that

I know most of you are expecting at least two more days of verbal spew about the Fool's Gold race from last Saturday. I partially feel like I should be plugging away at Peter's popularity contest while I have your attention. I mean, traffic over here is always at its highest right after a race, and then I get almost an equally abnormal amount of traffic here for a few more days as people seek out my thoughtful insight and reflections regarding the event. Should I rob you of my romantic ruminations and use this as a platform to push my agenda of becoming an endurance dirt jumper in 2010?

Even if I won the Nummers what in Gunnar's name would I do with it? I don't have a set of Spanish cranks and a bottom bracket, and I don't even speak Spanish so how would I even understand the installation manual? Even with a 410mm seatpost I would never be able to get Eddie to fit me with laser-precision and Dartfish video analysis for maximal endurance dirt jumping efficiency. I don't have kiddie wheels anymore, but I do have some various quality parts laying around. I don't necessarily need to win the frame, but I don't like to lose... especially internet popularity contests. So if you wanna see me win a dirt jump frame and then have to figure out what to do with it, then vote for me by clicking any link over to Misfit Psycles you see from now till October 1st. Whoever gets the most people to click over to Misfit Psycles wins the frame. I'm aware of the fact that Oct 1st is like a million years from now, and I will refrain from harping on you for your vote on a daily basis in order to keep things marginally interesting here.

Do you still want some more Fool's Gold?

I found this striking image of quite the handsome athlete while surfing around yesterday:

photo stolen from mattisonbarnes's picasa album

While riding on a gravel road during my second 50 mile lap at Fool's Gold I saw a convertible BMW coming in the opposite direction. There were two hair gelled gentleman in the vehicle that drew my attention as they cruised along the rough road full of dusty braking bumps. They drove past and gave me a nonchalant nod as they slipped out of my view. As soon as they went by I was overwhelmed by the smell of cologne. I stopped thinking about the "race" for a moment and started pondering on what exactly two guys were doing cruising the back roads in the Dahlonega Mountains wearing enough cologne that I could smell it for at least five seconds after we crossed paths.

I noticed a few odd things in the Georgia mountains. Over the last 60-70 or so miles I saw seven times more butterflies than I did fellow racers. There were also a plethora of mushrooms in every color of the rainbow. Elk described one as "a giant purple mushroom that someone had thrown a fried egg on". There was one phallic fungi on the final trail to the finish that looked EXACTLY like an albino penis. Seriously, if you didn't see it you are either blind, or just not that into mushrooms, or too much of a homophobe to admit you see things that look like a penis in the woods.

More Fool's Gold tomorrow? We'll see....


Jason said...

At the 101, after Aid Station #3 I saw two purple mushrooms that looked like they had glitter on them. In hindsight, eating them was a BAD choice.

Chris, Brigette and Norah Dusack said...

While climbing up Curtis Creek at ORAMM a man and women smoking cigs drove by and looked at me like they were watching paint dry. Seeing tens of cyclists climbing 9 miles to the BRP cannot be that boring, and I am still mad why they were not more intrigued or would at least give us a thumbs up for encouragement! Hehehehe. :)

Stevil said...

Thanks for the shout, and you know I love you, but all heads turn here.