Monday, August 10

Four day work week

The best thing I've got going on right now is a little four day work week mojo. The last four days of my life have been quite an energy drain, but knowing that I only have to get through four more "normal" days before I make an escape from reality to that place where the only thing that matters is moving my bike through time and space for 100 miles makes it all a little better... even if I'm facing off against a man-eater like Gerry "The Pflug" Pflug. (even though now, as he faces public scrutiny, he denies eating people)

"Listen, we don't necessarily eat people in my dojo... well, unless it's necessary to eat people for nutrition's sake, and then I guess we do necessarily eat people, but on a only-when-necessary basis."

Over the weekend I rode uptown to witness the Charlotte Presbyterian Criterium (I'd link to it, but the website has exceeded it's bandwidth). Always a little weird to ride my bike into the city on my day off, but I just can't fight the desire to be standing there behind the barriers with riders blowing by at high speeds making a strange human powered breeze while I put down some coldies and pretend to care about who wins. I left with a few beers in me (thanks to Vinny and Dude) and a strong desire to own a sweet road bike. I researched the problem yesterday and found that the one thing that stands between me and road hotness is a pile of cash that I don't readily want to part with at this juncture. Well that and the sneaky feeling that it may not see as much actual use as it gets in my fantasy world that plays out in my head.

Today the streets that served as a race course Saturday night will go back to being my Monday morning office. I'll try to relive one or two of the high speed corners on my not so high speed bike, and then I will get slowly sucked back into the reality that I'm just at work thinking about the weekend like everybody else. At least mine will start on Friday morning.

SRAM Force on ti or carbon for around $2,000??? Not quite. It's not cheap being snobby.


steve said...

did you fall and hit your head this weekend?

dicky said...

No, weird family stuff from 500 miles away hit me in the head.

Anonymous said...

won't catch me riding carbon anymore.

I have a FSA crank that cracked... FSA will not cover it. Its for a road bike... go figure ... bike was never crashed. The crack formed at the pedal mount (outwards).

Then, my carbon fiber bike cracked around the axel mount a week ago.

I'm sticking to Ti from here on in.
Ti has yet to let me down.

Aluminum has a really low fatigue limit.
Carbon can just suck azz if not done properly... then they can easily blame the customer.

I've yet to have problems with Ti though (I'm sure there are problems with it). Nothing seems to be 853 though...

lots of crap out there right now.