Friday, January 22

and, as promised, more seasonal disorder

Let's see... I left of with PMBAR in early May, so what's next? I'll probably have to skip Dirt, Sweat, and Gears this year for personal reasons. Kinda sucks since the whole world shows up for this race, but I gotta do what I gotta do. That would mean the next race I have on the schedule would be Trans Sylvania. Yes, I still have question marks surrounding it since I still don't know if I'm gonna squeeze this one in or not. I've been looking forward to racing for seven days in central PA over the infamous (more than famous) trails including Allegrippis and the nasty terrain in Rothrock ever since I heard about this race back in July 2009. The rates start going up on April 1st, so I best get my shit in order if I'm gonna make it.

The breakdown on Trans Sylvania:

Fun Level: 9.5
Challenge Level: 9.25

Competitive Level: 7

Then I have a big hole... in my "season". Absolutely nothing planned in June as the Cowbell Marathon (formally known as the Cowbell 12 Hour Challenge) has been canceled. I've been able to go to every single one since it began except for 2007 when I was at the Santa Cruz Hell Ride, and it will be sorely missed. I considered doing the 24 Hour Nationals in Big Bear, but then I reminded myself that I retired from 24 hour racing for a reason... because riding a bike for 24 hours isn't very fun. That and the fact that $300+ is a whole lotta money to pay even if you're duking it out for a national title. Shit, I've already got a "world" title so what's the point? Even if my SS "world" champion status is more like being a half champion since it's not recognized by any cycling governing body it's still a championship. Kudos to Greg Martin for being a repeat SS "world" champion as winning two half championships is like having a whole one (bastard).

Enough about what I'm not doing, and more of what I am doing... or at least might do. If I can't get in on Trans Sylvania I might just head up to Harrisonburg for the Tour de Burg. God, how I hate road racing even more than I hate road riding, but the MTB stages make it so worth it. I had to miss last year since I was at the Breck Epic, and I think I need to get back up there this year... even if I need to bring my clapped out road bike.

Speaking of the Breck Epic... it has made the final cut for the 2010 "season". As much as I suffered like a dog last year at elevation this year I plan on going back to Breckenridge with the ability to properly transport oxygen to my muscles via red blood cells as my anemia is a thing of the past (more than likely, but I'll know for sure when I get my physical in March). I look forward to getting another stab at it, and I can't wait to see the breath-taking views (literally) again. There is nothing like getting above 12,000 feet with your wheels under you... well maybe getting to 13,000 would be better, but who knows?

The breakdown on Breck Epic:

Fun Level: 10
Challenge Level: 10.5

Competitive Level: 4 (who am I kidding?)

That's all I know for 2010. I know there are a lot of holes in there, but I'll fill them in as I can. No repeat performance at ORAMM? I don't know if I can go back AGAIN. I know it might sound a big braggardly, but with four wins and one second in five attempts I have high expectations when I toe the line in Black Fort, NC. I put a lot of pressure on myself when I go for the gold, and I have to admit the pressure is getting old.

Also hanging out there is the Fool's Gold 100, the Shenandoah 100, The Wild 100, the Wilderness 100... all races that I'm thinking about. Maybe I'll get the opportunity to go the Dakota 50 this year, even though I turned it down in 2009. The world is my oyster, and without a sponsor I can kinda let my ass hang in the breeze for awhile.

So that's it for now. Playing it this loose is kinda new for me since I usually have it all lined up in my head at this point. No worries though, as I'm sure I'll find something to do with my time and money (or lack thereof).

See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

No Burn 24? Boooooo!

Anonymous said...

Black Fort...LOL

The Evil MGE! said...

13,300 feels so much better under two wheels. The ultimate rocky mountain high.

Anonymous said...

For not having a sponsor you sure do have a lot of dick support.

Anonymous said...

much like nigels amp, the Wilderness is one louder than you let on.....

cornfed said...

Black Fort, just up the road from Old Mountain.

wv: restio

dicky said...

Bastards... all of you.
And I can't even edit my shit with this shitty phone.
Go piss up a rope.

Anonymous said...

'Go piss up a rope'??? What are you, 70? That's what my grandma says wellllllll after the fact. Always afterwards. With her shoulders all puffed up, mock flexing towards a pretend phone in her hands as she retells her reinactment of the events with the telemarketer that took place a decade ago.

'And I told him to go piss up a rope!'

rick is! said...

I dream of dick.

I hope we can still be friends.

Big Bikes said...

Just submitted my blogger contest entry for Breck. I was relieved to hear that, like a Miss America Pageant winner, you are ineligible for this year's contest.

How can I pass up a race that's a 10 on The Dicky-Fun-O-Meter?


the original big ring said...

What?!?!? No Crank The Shield!?!?!

You could sleep on Peter's floor.

XXC Magazine said...

I love having my as in the breeze.