Friday, January 29

Cry me a river

For all of you with comments, emails, and facebookeries about yesterday's topic I'll get back to that next week (or not).

I hate to talk about the weather. People ask me about it all the time at work, so I tire of it quicker than the average person. Facebook has run rampant with complaints from my "friends" regarding our recent bouts of piss poor weather. As much as I hate to join in I'm feeling quite weak in my resolve to silence my my feelings towards the current atmospheric conditions.

I'm pissed. I need to get my time on the dirt in order to be happy. Last week I was desperate enough to throw $25 at the problem and race around a muddy short track for 45 minutes just to get my fill. This weekend I can't stomach the thought of throwing another $25 at the local promoter, so I am in quite a quandary. I NEED to get out and ride, but I don't think it will happen.

I guess I could spend some time planning that vacation that I won't discuss again till next week. Maybe I could work on that bike that's only seen something like 25 miles of dirt in the four plus weeks I've owned it. What could I do????

I did just get a love packet from George at Some pieces parts I was expecting, but I did get a surprise....

The smallest and most useful reusable sack that Thomson has ever made???

No, there's something actually inside.

The new Thomson seat post collar and the all important installation instructions.

As much as I wanted to hold this project off till the rainy weekend I went ahead and mounted it up last night. Good thing I didn't plan on killing some time on Saturday putting it on as it only took a minute to install it (30 seconds to install it improperly, 10 seconds to read the instructions, and 20 seconds to fix my mistake).

I now have the Thomson trifecta; post, stem, and happy clampiness.

Now if I only knew what the folks at Cane Creek have up their sleeves. Something new and headsetty coming down from upon high... I have my guesses, but I think they're gonna make me wait till next week before I get to see it and maybe even touch it. Once I get my hands on whatever it is and my crabon frok from Niner this bike will be prepared to do some damage to at least 65% of the single speed field in 2010... even though I heard the front end of the field has already moved up to complete crabon fibre bikes. I heard that Niner's even thinking about upgrading Fuzzy's beard to crabon fibres in late spring. How am I gonna compete against that?

Maybe I'll just quit now while I'm ahead.


Anonymous said...

R- a bunch of us are going to Isaqueena on Sunday for a local's tour. 50 miles of trail, reportedly. If you want details,


Anonymous said...

ha ha! yes mc. dicky i to am not to be enjoy ridings in rain times. in my counrtys it be rainings 70 dayes all at once! i say to maiself you beings wet insides so why not be's wet outsides? ha ha! we have stunts on wet hills to be slidings on are bicyclings to be it fun. i dont no? sorry for my english is gettings better i am hopings? my familiings to be enjoyings your writhings very much. i did my class reportings on you writhings and adventure for my english's class. you are to be very nice! my sisters and i am to be wantings to come to americans and ride on mc. dicky sometim! i will to be gettings great bikes and to be practicings very much! maybe to be growings elders facial beard? lol! have great times!

ting ba dho

Matt said...

D, I realize it's not Sherman or WWC but Beatty has been rideable most of this gets old but its trail


Anonymous said...

Timmy Plowed dicky, you seem to have entered international superstar status. Good luck with that!!