Thursday, January 28

Less than permanent vacation

I'm thinking about going on a vacation this year. Not another stage race type dealio, but the kinda vacation where there's no start line, no nightly podiums, and no number plates. Just some friends riding in an exotic locale, hanging out, drinking a coupla beers, and riding as much as possible. Like we did in the olds days....

The old re-hashed Moab trip idea has been tossed around. We went the weekend after 9/11 and then again in May 2003. I think the last time we were there some us us were a little burned out on the place. I know there's some local knowledge type trails in town, but in my opinion there's a reason that the standard rides are the standards. I would be thrilled to get another shot at Amasa Back (we never found Jacob's Ladder), and I never got to do Upper Porc finishing on Lower Porc. I'm pretty sure I could ride there for at least four to five days without getting bored.

"Miiiiichaaeeellll Joooooooorrrrdaaaaaannnnnn!!!"

We've been talking about throwing in a little side trip to Fruita. If we drive out there we could hit some of those funky epic movie quality ridgeline trails from Tread for a coupla days before we head out to the big nasty in Moab.

Stabby's do as Stabby's does.

Lord knows I get caught up in the thrill of riding in Moab just like anyone else, and the lure to go back is strong.

or maybe just screw Moab altogether...

I've been thinking about another place that I'd like to go to. I recently read an article in a magazine that I don't write for (the position of short angry guy had already been filled) where they talked at length about Whistler. Ahhhhh... Whistler. I only got a small taste of Whistler at the BC Bike Race back in 2007. We rode from Squamish to Whistler and then did a 25 mile time trial in Whistler on the final two days of the race. I was amazed.

Whistler is definitely a place I'd love to get back to before I die. One of the articles in the same magazine mentioned an outfitter in Whistler that seemed to have it dialed in; Bare Back Biking.

I'm sorry, wrong company. I meant Bear Back Biking.

Check out their website and all the wonders within. For somewhere around $900 you get two squares a day, a place to lay your head, guided rides, airport transfers, and a nightly rub down with baby powder by a Swedish nurse.

"EPO anyone??"

All right, I made the part up about the Swedish nurse, but the rest of it is true. I know $900 seems like a lot of money, but with everything included in the deal it's easily half what I've paid to do a stage race without all the hassle of trying to plan the logistics myself. There's also a hot tub, a DIY bike fixin' area, and desserts. Did you hear that??? Desserts!!

So what do you think? Got any intel on Whistler I need to know? Is there a dumpster in town behind which we may lay our weary heads and not get bothered by the local constabulary?

"There, I want you to kill those four men sleeping behind the dumpster in the Tim Horton's parking lot."

I need information people. Post it up in the comments or send me an email at teamdicky at hotmail dot com. I don't want to discount the Whistler option until I've turned over every stone. If we end up in Moab then that's just the way it goes, but I want to at least try to get back to Whistler.


Anonymous said...

Translyvania is what you are looking for, not Whistler or Moab/Fruita. Pee Aye has it all in spades.

drew said...

I hear good things about idaho... Lots of people are spending time riding out there these days

Nerd On A Bike said...

There are plenty of uber nice condos/townhomes for rent about 5 minutes (via car) north of Whistler that are priced very reasonably during the summer months.
Probably the cheapest way to go all around as you're set up with a kitchen, laundry, multiple bedrooms, etc... Couple of really decent grocery stores in the neighborhood. Coffee shops, some ok restaurants if you're not down for cooking.
I rented an uber posh three level townhome complete with a garage, 4 bedrooms right in Whistler's bear country for $1400 for an entire month.
Just remember to take up any parts you plan on breaking as they are not cheap and if you have 'odd' componentry you're likely not to find it. It's not as set up as well as Moab when it comes to the mind set that your customers are there on vacation on don't want to hear "oh, I can order that for you."

If you decide to go there, save your receipts to get your sales tax on some purchases back when you leave the country.

jonnyb said...

Skip the Whistler hype and head to the BC interior -- Fernie, Nelson, Rossland all have fantastic riding and none of the blown-out tourist crap.

Google "7 Summits Rossland" or "Fernie Mountain Bike Club"

Nerd On A Bike said...

One other thought, and one of my favorite places to ride, is Brian Head, UT. Some of the best high alpine riding I've experienced and I have to say that I like the place better than Whistler (and it's a lot cheaper and there's less BS to deal with).
The people are super laid back, zero attitudes and it's pretty rare to see anyone else on a ride. It's an easily accessible place right off of I-15 and if you get bored you just jump back on the Interstate and drive 1-2 hours south and hit Gooseberry, Little Creek and the Jem Trail.
Brian Head's pretty epic and it's almost entirely single track. I don't think most people realize it until they get down there. Lots of options from camping to posh hotels to nice rich Vegas folk's cabins up for rent all summer long. It even has a liqour/mini grocery store at the base of the resort.
Only drawback: The bike shops are on the low end side. You'll have to hit Over The Edge Sports in Hurricane (Gooseberry) to find a good shop. Plus the owner Quentin will take you out and show you Little Creek if you're nice.

Stubbie said...

Dude. Ketchum Idaho. For all your xc epicness... look no further. Been there twice. Almost moved there once.

Anonymous said...

I've ridden in just about every key area of the U.S., and I agree that Ketchum/Sun Valley is one of my favorites. I spent a month out there being a hippie after graduating college, and if it wasn't for lack of money, I would've stayed. Went back a couple of years later and rode entirely different trails. Adam's Gulch is a favorite. Plus, you can see Earnest Hemingway's grave under a pine tree and see the restaurant where he ate the night he shot himself. Riding AND some history!

Cellarrat said...

I say sedona/flag or hurricane/StG before moab...

If you do moab you have to plan on 3 days in fruita/GJ

Haven't done anything in bc so can't help yah there...

I sopose it gets down to redrock or green trees....

Anonymous said...

ha ha. i am to much to enjoying your writhings mc. dicky. lol! too much times i am not to be understanding what you are to be sauying but i am knowing that they are to be so funny! ha ha!

my sisters and i have to be reading your bloggings for a long time and soon ago received an english keybored to typings on! they say you are to be looking like mc. brad pitt with your facialings. iam to be saying that you look like mc. magnum pi! ha ha! thanks for your writhings!

ting ba dho

Nathan said...

Dude, that last comment was epic!

Like Cellarrat said, FRUITA!!! way over Moab, if your going back to that area. And what Nerd said, Brian Head, and the close by Hurricane area. You go from high alpine with aspens, to desert slick rock in a little over an hour..

But with all these mentionings of Idaho... thats sounding really good. I haven't decided yet for sure where I'm going this year, and know I'm going to have to look into that.

KB said...

Second Utah. Gooseberry, Hurricane, Brian Head, all great stuff.!

Rick Sunderlage said...

St.George Utah - Gooseberry and Jem/Goulds/Rim loop are two great rides.

And then drive north and hit Brianhead.

Anonymous said...

^ thats not your real name is it?

Anonymous said...

ha ha! i think that mc. dicky should be comings to mine countrys for vacations! ha ha! my sisters could to be rubbing sap of choui on nape of neck for great ridings for mc. dicky! ha ha! we be's picking mang cau-na and thanh long on ridings for quick energys burstings. they thinkings mc. brad pitts for mc. dickys! lol! great timings! i enjoy you.

ting ba dho

Luis G. said...

Dicky looks like you wanna look, fucks like you wanna fuck, he is smart, capable, and most importantly, He is free in all the ways that you are not.