Wednesday, January 27

Not much, but more than most

I gotta say that I'm stuck at the moment. I've been working on something for Dirt Rag over the last few days, so my creative juices are being poured into another vessel leaving me with no juice left for my elitist, arrogant, selfish, cocky, conceited, pompous, egotistic, cheeky, haughty racer boy blog.

Speaking of Dirt Rag I happened upon this pic when I clicked over there this AM...

That's none other than Thad, the non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-selfish, non-cocky, non-conceited, non-pompous, non-egotistic, non-cheeky, non-haughty non-racer boy getting his ass handed to him by Jesse LaLonde. This makes me wonder what Jesse is doing on May 1st.

and finally...

Apparently one of the usual suspects in Pisgah was not happy with his standard issue Niner head badge.

He had his artistic and creative man friend Brado come up with something a little more suited to his particular ummm... ummm... idiom:

A custom designed head badge for Z. brouSSard's Niner. I have to say I'm loving the hate, and I think they should go into mass production on this bad boy since hate seems so popular with the kids these days. Bastards. You know I want one, and that's probably half the reason that you made it. Like holding a banana just out of reach of the monkey's grasp at the zoo... You guys are sick. Don't make me start slinging my feces about in anger.

That's all for now. Let me get this real piece of journalism in the bag so I can concentrate on more on my shitty blog later.


brado1 said...

Creative man friend? thanks makes it sound like we hold hands in the shower, wtf?

yer funny



Mysty said...

that's a rather interesting expansion to Dicky's idea of a "man friend" is... SERIOUSLY you guys hold hands in the shower?

perhaps Dicky was being like us girls... safe in the way describe our female friends... goodness knows you men have a field day when we say "my girlfriend"... the immediate response is (with big grin on your faces) "You have a girlfriend?"

getting to the point at hand... the headbadge is interesting... now that we have a story behind it... LOL

Anonymous said...

ha ha! in the bag! i like, no? iwill come back for to read some more? ha ha!

Anonymous said...

My kids were watching the Tube this morning and the 'Penguins of Madagascar' was riffing on the Spanish Inquisition sketch.

And now this...

Maybe I should awesomely strap the awesome collected works of Monty Python to my ride with the new awesome strap.

Ohio Robb said...

ha ha! in the bag! i like, no? iwill come back for to read some more? ha ha!