Thursday, February 11

The bullet has been bitten

I went ahead and did something I've been wanting to do since 2007, but could never get up the gumption to do it. I bought this:

Ever since going with Stan's rims I've been wanting an air compressor. I've blown through a case of threadless CO2 cartridges trying to get tire beads to seat in their happy place, and I've resorted to driving over to the gas station where the air is free, but unfortunately the gas I use to drive there is not as free as the air. I hated using CO2's for multiple reasons. Although they are recyclable they still cost money, and supposedly they cause a reaction with tire sealants that is less than desirable.

Say goodbye to romance Mike Piazza... goodbye to friends.

Driving to the gas station wasn't so bad. It got me out of the house which the doctor says is good for my agoraphobia, but even though they call it a convenient store I find nothing convenient about the fact that I have to leave the comfort of my house just to swap a tire. I've left some pretty shitty tires on my bike for the pretty shitty conditions I knew I was about to ride just because I couldn't bring myself to drive over to the gas station to change it out. I'd rather risk life and limb with a shitty tire than waste fifteen minutes changing a tire.

I know I don't get too many man points with my measly 1.5HP, 155 max PSI, 3 gallon tank equipped inflation device, but I think I like it just fine. I used it to air up a few tires last night, but I really wanted to watch Boondock Saints again so I didn't get around to popping the bead off one of my Stan's setups to put it to a real test. I'm not sure if the Husky marketing had anything to do with influencing my purchase, but the company motto was hard to ignore,

If it plugs into the wall I'll bet the Chinese made it, but I'd bet my undervalued dollar that an American was behind the marketing campaign on this baby. Global economics aside I did notice that the can opener in my kitchen (as opposed to the one I keep in the bathroom) was made in the USA, but it was the can opener that my parent's handed down to me, and I remember using it as a kid. It must be like 30+ yrs old... maybe I should take it to the Antique Roadshow.

So the way I figure it with gas at $2.80 a gallon once I start changing my tires at home I'll reach the break even point when I inflate my 300th tire. If I carried this thing around with me I could increase it usefulness factor by twelve, but I haven't had the time to figure out if I can Awesome Strap this thing to my bike. It might take a couple straps... dunno. I do know Jeremy would never get it into his fantastic, antiquated seatbag, so suck on that holier than thou seatbag guy.


Yes, all you computer geeks suck my CPU cooling device. I am no longer cooling my processor with the shitty $2.00 fan stacked on an ammo can. Mike Piazza is on the job, and the fan has been swapped out for a new one (which was a PITA since the fan WAS NOT sold separately from the cooling unit), but whatever... it's done now. And with my new Husky Shit Fucker Upper I'm gonna blow the crap outta my unit tonight thus making my frivolous inflation device purchase seem minutely less frivolous.

Sorry about the Judas Priest yesterday (not really). Yes Thom, Turbo Lover was not well received with the true metal heads of our generation. They switched over to synthesized guitars for the album, and it sounded like crap. I think they even used synthesized drums, and maybe even synthesized synthesizers. Still I can't hardly contain my chuckles any time I think about the dancing skeleton on the motorcycle... yes, if you didn't watch it you missed a dancing skeleton on the motorcycle.

You can't retreat, I spy like no other.


allan said...

Turbo lover was my guilty pleasure. Around all my metalhead friends I badmouthed it but once at home. It was full on Priest time. I did the same thing with Maidens Somewhere in Time.

The Evil MGE! said...

Maybe it(the air compressor) will fit in my pack? Considering now I have three busted packs...

1. Wingnut Hyper 2.5...ripped wing pocket mesh

2. Wingnut Hyper 3.0....busted main compartment zipper

3. Camelbak Hawg...busted main compartment zipper.

Now my trusty seatpack have outlived all 3 of these packs by a multiple and square of 3.

When your awesome strap does that...give me a call.

cornfed said...

Did you lose the American Made Titanium Bottle Opener you made me buy you at the Great SSWC08 from Mark at PMW already? Or is that the lucky bathroom opener?


Luis G. said...

Compressors are for pussies, do it like a man with a floor pump...make the neighbors believe there is a domestic dispute when you start cursing at the really stubborn tires!

Big Bikes said...

No joke, Turbo Lover is on my "Pre-race get wicked stoked mix," that I keep in the car for when I forget my ipod.

One of the kids I carpool with who's into "Punk Bands" (y'know, the post-Blink 182 ones) stares a hole in my head as I sing along, pounding on the steering wheel and mangling Halford's high notes.

Peter Keiller said...

I hate your sidebar.
It screams WHORE and not in the makamewet way it should.

dicky said...

Would it make you feel better if your logo was bigger?

Anonymous said...

You're a Depot shopper...bad man. Go to Lowe's.

Carl said...

So what's the word? Can your compresser seat a tubeless tire or not?

dicky said...



Fast and easy. I've used it what seems like a bajillion times already.