Friday, February 19

Honest, I got a note from my doctor

I got the word yesterday that the doctor I have my March 14th physical appointment with a year ago up and quit her doctoring duties. When I called to reschedule they said "How about tomorrow?" Well, no better time than now I suppose, so I'm off to get a physical today.

Since the rules state no food or happiness after midnight last night I slept in today in order to curb my hunger till as late as possible. This means no early morning Run Club Part Duh to try to squeeze in before work and no time for thought or writing about said thought, so I give unto you this shitty excuse for a post. At least I'll know in a few days or so if my anemic ways are far behind me. That would be outstanding.

Did you hear me?


By the way, the sun will shine long enough to get in a bike ride this weekend. This will be my SECOND ride on dirt with the new improved Meatplow (not including sliding around in the short track mud), so I'm kinda stoked about that.

The following is a re-post from the old blog circa 2008 about my feelings regarding physicals:

A complete physical is kinda like every less than desirable party experience I ever had in college packed into less than an hour.

I get naked, usually pretty early on, and more than likely I’m the only person doing it.
I pee in a cup when I’m left unattended.
Someone gets to third base, but it’s not me.
I spend a half hour with a strange woman, but I end up having to pay $100 for the experience.
There are needles, uncomfortable conversations, and I’ll end up losing a little blood before it’s all over.
Someone’s gonna try to stick their fingers in my butt.
A few days later I’ll find out if I have chlamydia or not.

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See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

The physical metaphore was brilliant.