Wednesday, February 3

It's getting hot in here... no, in here.

Well, Mike Piazza and I had all kinds of visions of grandeur when it came to today's post, but the main CPU at Bad Idea Racing Headquarters started acting up last night. I put a call into the IT department, and Mike Piazza (coach, GM, attorney, PR man, and head IT guy) showed up. He thinks he found the problem.

"Quiet. I'm having a Tron moment."

Apparently the cooling unit (fan) died and the computer was overheating. Mike Piazza went back to the supply room and busted out a new fan.

The new fan seems to be working wonders on the overheating issue, but all the problem shooting I did with Firefox was a total failure. Now I can't get it outta "safe mode" which has complicated blogging all the more this AM. Mike Piazza said I should always call the IT Department before I go fucking things up again.

Blog = success.

No blog = massive suck.

While Mike Piazza was in the office he took a look around the place. We were supposed to have that all important team meeting I was talking about, but it will have to be rescheduled. Mike Piazza says we'll have lots to talk about... like why I should not be allowed into Costco without adult supervision.

Mike Piazza (Bad Idea Racing dietitian) said this was a total, epic, absurd, and undeniably ignorant FAIL. The beer to M&M ratio is way off, and I will run out of beer long before I run out of M&M's, thus leading to another trip to Costco.

Since Mike Piazza was pressed for time he did a quick inspection on the new Meatplow before he left.

He noticed that the bike was way too clean for a rig that should have seen weeks worth of use by now. He inquired what I had been up to lately. "Overheating my computer" I replied.

Mike Piazza was not impressed.

Today sucked. Tomorrow will be better... assuming I can reload Firefox, reset the clock on my computer, get a new, somewhat smaller fan that fits INSIDE my tower... shit, piss, and other four letter words.


Anonymous said...

Get a can of compressed air and blow out that FAN, CPU and Power Supply.

Make sure the power is off when you do this :-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha. i enjoys your computers! looks to be myselfs. i dont know? mc. mike is verys good times!

ting ba dho

Anonymous said...

Dude, sorry about the bad luck with your electric items. I hate dealing with computers. I may as well go try to perform surgery on someone's brain. I may have better luck. Anyway, thanks for the laughs today. Mike P. is always a welcome addition to your posts! Peace.

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds dumb, but you are going to end that computer's life if you don't get rid of that box fan and get a proper replacement fan. They are more temperature sensitive than you think. You also need to put the side panel back on. You can get a fan at a computer store for like $5.

As to the safe mode problem, just back everything up and reinstall windows, which is a good idea to do every year or so anyway or install a simple linux distro.

Luis G. said...
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