Tuesday, February 2

Save money, race your bike

First things promised.

The time to register for the Trans Sylvania is now. Tell me, who doesn't want to experience "seven days of pure mountain biking bliss in Central PA" in a racer boy type format put together by two very experienced promoters? If you were on the fence on this one you might want to jump off pretty soon and join the folks on the greener side. Registration fees go up $150 at the end of March, and now there is an added incentive to register sooner than later. If you contact me before the end of February VIA email at teamdicky at hotmail dot com I'll send you a coupon code that will save you $50 American. So, to do the math for you, register in February after contacting me for only $799, or wait till March 1st when the rates go up and the coupon code expires for $999. I'm not gonna tell you that $200 is a lot of money as you may be Bill Gates rich and light your exotic clove cigarettes with $200 bills. To me it's a lot of money, so I suggest you shit or get off the couch since you shouldn't shit on the couch. Save money, race your bike.

I myself am still not registered as of yet. I'm still trying to fix a scheduling conflict on my calender (non race related) that may keep me from being there. This sucks since I'd been planning on going since I heard about the race last year. If you have any doubts that Central PA has the goods you best do some reading up on the subject. There are more rocks in Central PA than anywhere in the world (this fact has not been confirmed by any rock counting scientists), and the trail quality in the area is superb. The stages will offer a nice challenge, and let's not forget the unprecedented stage five super D races (4-5 of them).

I'll probably mention this offer a few more times before the month is over. I'd apologize in advance for the harassment, but you're in my world by choice, so deal with it.

Yes, I am trying to pull off a two stage race season. Luckily I have no conflicts with the Breck Epic at this time, so the plan is to go full bore into August and rock out with my lungs out in the high country this August. I can't wait for Breck since I'll be reunited with Peter (once again), Vince "The Horse Breather" Anderson, and Doug "I got a new nose, but not for the sake of fashion" Jenne (who was never late to happy hour in La Ruta). And yes, I'll be doing this all on the budget of an unprofessional cyclist, so I suggest that when the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys finally see the light of day you buy one for your entire family (not one for each member, just one for you and yours to share... there needs to be enough to go around).

I would like to thank everybody who shared their ideal vacation plans with me. I just asked if anybody knew of a cheap way to do Whistler, and the most common answer was to "go to Idaho". I guess I wasn't as specific as I needed to be about my need for information. We (my friends and I) are fortunate to have access to endless miles of quality singletrack that some already consider a mecca just hours from our domiciles. Pisgah offers up some tasty riding of the nasty variety, but we find ourselves wanting something different. Ledgy drops and nasty jeep trails appeal to our sense of variety in a way that can't be explained very well. If we can't have Moab/Fruita than the idea of riding trails with a wide variety of stunts peppered all over the woods and trails so steep you can't see the bottom is also pretty enticing. Planning ride logistics has to be kept to a minimum, so established trail maps and such are required since none of us can afford to pay a guide to tell us what we can/can't/should/shouldn't ride. Moab/Fruita or Whistler... deal with it.

Tomorrow Mike Piazza and I will be going over the status of Bad Idea Racing and what the future holds for us... more or less.

Today Charlotte will experience highs in the 30's with rain. I guess I'll have to deal with it. I love my job.


Selene said...

I already registered. Can you just send me a case or two of beer?

Big Dave said...

I'm hoping the date will change a bit for next a week later or so.

I've ridden in PA. The rocks there are a joke. The rock gardens have permanent lines through them. Rocks are born in El Paso, TX and they are constantly moving and jumping off the ground to wreck your bike and your shins.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Fjucking Punxsutawney Phil! Keeping the biking man down.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. mine sisters to be likings your pink writhings! very nice. very funnys! we not to be knows how too do? very much to be likings mc. mike pizzas! very good

ting ba dho