Wednesday, February 17

Season tossed like a salad

So far things have gone to shit. Hoffencross was Hoffencanceled in early February due to weather and poor trail conditions. Now this weekend's Pisgah 36 has met a similar fate. Snow on the ground (as seen two weekends ago on an exploratory mission) has not only made the trail conditions bike unfriendly it has turned the roads into road closures, and the entrance to the venue is a rutted out mess that only a true 4X4 vehicle could handle. Due to safety issues and the inability to use the whole forest as planned the race had to be postponed till a later date. This later date had to be decided based the on availability of the venue (Cove Creek Campground) and there was only one other date that wasn't already reserved in 2010... April 2-4. Not only does this interfere with my competitive egg hunt plans on Easter Sunday this date also tramples all over the Six Hours of Warrior Creek. I know some tough chick who has made the decision to grab 36 hours of glory over six hours of lap racing, but I have to say that I'm picking the latter.

The bad news for the Pisgah 36 is that the conditions will hardly be as horrible as some woulda hoped for had it been held in February. The good news is that the conditions will hardly be as horrible as some woulda fjeared, so perhaps more people will register for the race now that the February weather has been taken outta the picture. I'm kinda bummed to be missing it, especially since it will probably be slightly less horrible this year, but I'm a big fan of the Warrior Creek race, and I said I wouldn't miss it for anything after last year's event. Shit happened.

So I started looking for something else to do. The Pisgah Brew Crew had to reschedule their Heartbreaker Super D race from Valentine's Day to February 28th, so that has been officially marked as a possible.

Oh yeah, that cancellation was due to weather too... anyways, this race is on Heartbreak Ridge which happens to be one of the major downhills that is used in the most important race of the international cycling calender; ORAMM. I've had a fair amount of success there, so I think this is something I should have a go at, especially since it's mostly downhill and my fitness is definitely lacking.

I considered going to NAHBS on the same weekend as the Heartbreaker for about a minute before I realized that I haven't really ridden my bike off road in a month, and I should jump at any chance to do so. I'll just have to look at all those fancy bikes on the internet at a later date. I must say that if the Heartbreaker gets postponed again and the weather that weekend is shit I may just have to look for some floorspace in Richmond (unless someone likes to spoon).

PMBAR is still a go in May, and as far as I know it will not be canceled due to snow. I have finally selected a partner, and he was my first choice... right behind Elk and Captain Morgan. You have to understand that I owed each of them another shot at redemption following Elk and I's 2nd place at PMBAR 2008 and Captain and I's narrowly missing a shot at the big time on fixed gears at the 2008 Double Dare. Thad was third in line for redemption since we narrowly missed the podium at last year's PMBAR, so he got the nod this go around (even though we no longer wear matching blue outfits).

And in other news I have thrown my hat in the ring officially on the Breck Epic and the Trans Sylvania Epic by putting my money where my mouth is (which my mom says I shouldn't do since money is the germiest thing on the planet because most of it passes through the hands of Republicans).

That's all the pressing news of the day, so tomorrow I'll get back to shilling my soul away and propagating my self promotional agenda.


cornfed said...

The 2010 season is definitely suffering some bipolar salad.

Between weather cancellations, deaths & illness in the family, and an increase in weekend work schedules, I'm already looking ahead to 2011. Maybe it'll be a more sedate year for racing.

wv: redfu

Emily said...

glory! no laps! pitch dark hike a bike! yay!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! yes i am to enjoyings salads! great times! thank you.

ting ba dho