Wednesday, March 24


The original plan was to start "training" one month out from the Six Hours of Warrior Creek, and that mission was accomplished. Unfortunately I lost two weeks in the middle of that period due to illness, so I'm hardly optimistic about my chances of a repeat performance from last year. It kinda feels like I'm starting all over again, but at least this was the first morning I woke up and forgot that I was sick at some point in the recent past. Gone is the junk in my lungs and head and the pain in my larynx has subsided to tolerable levels. Bring on the pain... the pain associated with over training and not the pain that coincides with coughing spells and sinus pressure. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the podium so I can add to my collection of awkward podium moments.

I'm used to getting stuff in the mail from random members of society who read this blog. This weekend marks the first time that one of my bikes received a package addressed personally to them.

Bent Crank took some pity on The Fastest Bike in the World since it has had trouble recently eating saddle rails. Inside this box was a gift that has global implications.

This is the only NEW saddle that has ever adorned The Fastest Bike in the World since I took possession of it on Saturday, November 18th 2006. I considered leaving the hang tag on as an homage to the late great Minnie Pearl, but I was afraid the local hispter scene wouldn't get the historical reference.

Which makes me think... Where's our generation's Hee Haw? Who's our modern day Roy Clark and Buck Owens? No wonder this world is going to shit. Nobody's pickin' and grinnin' now, and that's a damn shame.

I might just go for this road ride on Saturday:

I went on this ride a time or two in the distant past, back when I considered going for road bike rides and option. This ride normally benefits the Giordana Clif Bar Team, but I got this message from the promoter a couple days ago:

As many of you know, we lost an active member of the cycling community last week. Adam Little was hit and killed by a car on his commute to work. Normally, the CSC Ride is used as a fundraising event for the Giordana-Clif Bar Team. But, in light of last weeks tragedy, this year the team will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Little Family.

Not sure if I'll make it for sure, but if you're a local give it some thought. I didn't know Adam... well, from Adam, but the word is he was a stand up guy in the local cycling community, and his presence will be greatly missed. Since I make my living riding around in traffic all day this type of thing always hits pretty hard in my house, and my heart goes out to Adam's family.


Chilly Willy, man about town in the uptown of Charlotte, has 5,598 fans on Facebook. That's 5,326 more fans than Jeremiah Bisquick has right now. I wonder if Chilly Will has any sponsors? This man deserves a new Cannondale.


Mike said...

I've always considered your blog to be our generation's Hee Haw. Something we enjoy but would rather not admit to or discuss with others.

Anonymous said...

I hope the FBITW likes the fit.

Blair said...

"Remember.... the number to call is BR-549" - Junior Samples

God I miss the days of sitting in my grandparents den watching Hee-Haw.

TheMutt said...

Maybe the CSC Training Ride would be a good way for you to really break in that new roadie machine you have. Or not. At least you'll get to see some Hee-Haw like surroundings on the route.

Anonymous said...

Peace to the Little family.

cornfed said...

Who needs Hee Haw when you're livin' it.

The house we live in is an ex-hee haw cast members and my fay-vo-rite honkytonk is the home of br549.

Pickin' and a Grinnin'

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