Friday, March 26

New Jersey News

For all you folks that are frothing at the gills to get in line so you can purchase a 2010 Bad Idea Racing Jersey... keep frothing. I've seen the initial artwork, and I must say I am pretty stoked on the concept. There are somethings I can tell you, and other things I will have to take to my grave... assuming I die before they/we release the jersey.

They are gonna be bad ass.

The main color choice will be black which is the achromatic color of maximum darkness having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light. In other words this jersey will absorb the energy of riders around you and make you more powerful by a factor that would be directly proportional to the number of riders in close proximity. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, but still try to stay away from Dejay.

Rudi Nadler (not Jacquie Phelan as it appears) is pointing out the black hole of energy suck that is Dejay's ass. Notice that it has already pulled Rudi's fingers off.

The jerseys will keep in theme with the former Bad Idea Racing jerseys in that the main theme will be fleshless bones. I can not say whether the bones will be that of a human or animal, but there will most definitely be bones including, but not limited to, skulls.

I can say that I smiled and let out a sigh of relief when I saw the design. It kicks ass, but what did I expect from these guys.

So far they are bad ass, kick ass, and best kept away from Dejay's ass.

That's about it... well that, and there will be an option with sleeves this go around. I know that real men wear sleeveless, but this time I have to appease the nancy boys who don't quite got the guns to rock sleeveless. They will be making a very limited number of jerseys, so you'll want to buy in early and often. Actually they are making thousands of Bad Idea Racing Jerseys, but only going to release 200 of them to make them super rare and collectible. The remaining jerseys will be locked in a vault and brought out in fifteen years when everybody wants a Team Dicky throwback jersey.

That's all I can divulge for now. Brent and Ryan are watching my every move, and I am sworn to secrecy on the most secretest of secrets. Well that, and I forgot to adjust my bottom bracket on The Fastest Bike in the World last night, so I gotta get to that before I can head out and sling packages all day.

Fucking bikes.


Elk said...

Nice pun...but I really think you should go with the "You want sluts? We got sluts." theme.

Anonymous said...

I know now where you are getting the extra cash for bikes and racing. How do you manage a busy schedule starring in a new tv series, pro bike racer, magazine author, blog titan, and maintain the front as a ordinary bike messenger?
Simply amazing...

Anonymous said...

Was curious how to put in an order for one of the 2010 jerseys. I may have missed it on the blog but either way I don't know. If you could let me know that would be amazing. Take care.