Monday, March 15

Still on shakey ground

I went to bed Saturday thinking I was gonna get up Sunday morning to head to Uwharrie for a nice ride on the Death Stick. After laying there coughing for fifteen minutes I left the warmth of my bed so The Pie would not be disturbed by my bellowing attempts to displace the mucus from my lungs. I grabbed the SpongeBob Squarepants comforter from the hall closet and headed for the couch, the literal manifestation of my coughing gulag.

I slept off and on through the frequent bouts of coughing until sometime in the middle of dark time. I woke up shivering and realized I never turned the heat back on earlier in the day. I couldn't imagine leaving the sanctity of my Spongebob cocoon just to walk down the cold hall to the thermostat to have to return to an even colder couch, so I just laid there shivering. I did remember that there was a frilly bridesmaid blanket on the back of the couch so I grabbed it and wrapped it around my head to seal in the heat I was losing outta my freshly shaved head. That was almost enough, but I was still chilled so I shoved my arms inside my shirt and my hands down the front of my pants.... awwww success.

I woke up feeling like total ass. Although I thought I was on the backside of this sickness Saturday afternoon I spent most of Sunday laying on the couch and in bed. No riding, no outside, no nothing. I even slept in today, so yet another shitty post for you this morning.

I swear I'll be better tomorrow. I got some stuff in my head to share this week, so be sure to check back. Now go wash your hands as I'm pretty sure what I have is so contagious it will transfer via digital means.


Billy Fehr said...


Anonymous said...

Did you contract that after getting the government mandated swine flu vaccination?

dicky said...

No, I never get the flu vaccines. I find a yearly flu to be quite cleansing.

Bruce said...

I still can't believe Sea Otter Classic folks gave you the Sidi shoes™ for plagiarizing Julius Caesar.

No wonder the captcha I got when entering this was "saten".

dicky said...

I plagiarize all my good stuff.


Patrick said...

I didn't read past shakEy