Friday, March 12

Don't get too excited

I almost decided to sleep in this morning. This week's "training" has gone as follows:

Monday: 1.5 hours of tooling around on the to Berserker fixie monster cross before I got busy at work

Tuesday: Repeat Monday

Wednesday: Try to repeat Tuesday, but feel a little off. End up with 1.33 hours of tooling.

Thursday: Figure out that I'm sick, grab the Fastest Bike in the World and take the shortest route to work.

Friday: Repeat Thursday

The weirdest thing about my illness is that my temperature has been below normal, like 3° below normal. Last night after sleeping with a hat on under an electric blanket I got myself up to 97.2° this morning. Scratchy throat, itchy eyes, throbbing sinuses... life has been good.

This is not how I planned things out, but whatever. I've pushed myself through sickness before enough to realize that all I ended up doing was prolonging the sickness. This weekend's ride will probably be moistesque (there has to be a ride), so getting better is a top priority.

With that said, I'm going back to bed. See you Monday.


Eric Wever / Pisgah Productions said...

Squirrel Gap Sunday?

dicky said...

I'll think about it.

We should talk in private so this doesn't turn into one of those Lance Armstrong 3,000 people twitterfest rides.

brogers said...

I have the same thing. It sucks. My one year old girl is sick as well. Did I mention today is my birthday? Oh, and thereis no chance in hell I can stay home from work....

Get better fast. Hope you get to ride on Sunday.

dicky said...

Well then, happy mother fucking birthday brogers. wv:dissweed

ant1 said...

crabby morning brian?

mr rogers said...

Yes, thanks to you. You said you were clean. The wife is going to be pissed.....