Thursday, March 11

Well if I can't beat Harlan...

Kind of old news to some, but Granny Gear has canceled the 24 Hours of Big Bear in West By God Virginia. Jason got the scoop, facebooked it, and now I sit stupefied. Anybody who did not have their head up their ass knows this was to be the 24 Hour Nationals for 2010, so according to the story it's going back to Moab... yawn. I woulda thought that the numbers for this year's race woulda been high enough to get their numbers up with it being Nationals and all, but I guess our new economy doesn't support $330 solo entry fees. Then again with races like the Burn 24 Hour Challenge offering the same experience at less than a third the price how could people still justify paying such an exorbitant entry fee? I never understood their pricing structure, and even though I know the Laird family and staff made a living doing this they had to see the writing on the wall. For their sake I hope they figure out a way to make it work in 2011.

Why do I care? In the back of my head I had considered racing for the SS National Jersey, being that the race was all east coastie and I'd have a Trans Sylvania Epic's worth of mileage in my legs. I guess now I have one less thing to think about... which will allow me to focus on this year's big goal:

Photo ripped from Mike's facebook page

This is the pro looking version of Mike. No doubt some of Hollywood's best make up artists and lighting experts worked hard for countless hours to get him to look this good... not to mention the digital enhancements to remove the safety wires that lifted him off the ground to make him look all core and shit. If I had any inclination to believe that this is the real Mike I might be scared, but I know better.

Here's another photo of Mike from facebook:

This is not the whole photo. Mike cropped down the original image from it's true and very embarrassing form.

In the unedited version it is clear that Timmy and I were trying to console Mike. We found him crying in the starting gate before the start of the first stage of the BC Bike Race in 2007. He was worried that he wouldn't be able to finish the first day, and he had left his teddy bear back in Emmaus, PA so he wasn't sure if he'd be able to sleep without Mr Bojangles around to keep the monsters away. I let Mike snuggle with my Camelbak (we called him Mr Sweaty Bear) at night, and he ended up finishing the race in fine form crossing the line on day seven with his fist in the air screaming "That was for you Mr Bojangles!!".

I'm pretty sure that even with Mr Bojangles to sleep with at night I'll be able to beat this guy:

Obviously there is no need for me to come up with a smart ass caption for this photo since it speaks volumes about Mike. PBR is so passe'. Next time head for the mountains Mike. It's the new thing straight outta hipsterville... I got my eyes and ear on the skreets.

And in closing, how can I let this guy beat me?

I mean seriously... how?

Cush VS Dicky

Putting the "Epic" in the Trans-Sylvania Epic*

*Well at least I'll put the "Epic" in the Trans-Sylvania Epic while Mike works on the "trans" part.

Yes, he's just a sweet transvestite from the Trans Sylvania unh huh.


CB2 said...

Please continue your Quest for Cush Domination; I laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think your obsession borders on unhealthy....

Ride Daily said...

What up Rich?
The only thing unhealthy here is Cush's mullet and the amount of time he is spending training for the TS Epic. If you beat him down like he deserves, he WILL cry.

Karen said...

You know he's still soft from all that time in the sunny and dry West. Go git 'im.