Friday, April 16

More big time press.... yawn.

Yesterday I found a link to the lap times from the Six Hours of Warrior Creek race. I don't think I really wanted to see that, but I looked anyways...

Lap 2 --- 1:01:03.406
Lap 3 --- 1:14:39.847
Lap 4 --- 1:05:07.862
Lap 5 --- 1:05:18.264

So, going to get medical help on my third lap only cost me 9-10 minutes. Oddly enough just looking at the results took six months off my life. Sooooo close yet sooooooooo far away. Meh.

At least I looked good.

Photo Cred: Richard Fink

It's always better to look at the future since you can't change the past unless you have a hot tub time machine in which case you have the ability to not only change the past but you can also make a movie worse than Snakes on a Plane. So what do I have to look forward to?

Of course I'll be looking forward to yet another second place at PMBAR as I tow Thad's calorie starved ass all over the woods in early May. I also added another six hour race in there for good measure so I can get some redemption for my Warrior Creek debacle. What I am really looking forward to next is the Trans Sylvania Epic Stage Race and my next shot at "the complete and utter domination of the cycling industry and media types" namely one Mike Cushionbury. I won't get a chance to shoot the sheriff, but I definitely have the deputy test director in my sight. Talk of my "complete and utter domination of the cycling industry and media types" is now apparently a newsworthy item, as some of my best laid smack has hit the big time.

Yes, inside the cover of the latest Mountain Bike Magazine (the one that sits on the bookstore shelves next to a copy of Dirt Rag that you will purchase) my smack has made it into the print form of media validating my special purpose:

Yes, I am too lazy to use my scanner.

As a matter of fact I think that Mountain Bike Magazine's editorial director Loren Mooney is pulling for me since I found a photo featuring me at the 2009 Dirt, Sweat and Gears race on page 20.

That's me featured right there behind the guy in the red and white jersey who's behind the guy in the orange jersey kinda next to Harlan in his IF belly jersey. Fame is sweeter than wine, even a fine wine like Banana Red MD 20/20.

The only unfortunate thing here is that my moustache came up missing after a night of bike building and PBR swilling with Mike Piazza about a month ago.

Do I try to bring back the moustache? Is it worth it at this point? Will I be able to bring the game without the aid of the awesome moustache? The Pie certainly hopes so.

And of course before I sign off I will remind you for the second to last time to order your 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys.

Get some here, but don't get some here (sorry ladies).


mandy said...

so, are you saying that Hot Tub Time Machine isn't worth seeing?

bentcrank said...

Some how I had not noticed that yet and I have been looking at it for a couple of days. I guess I have been reading up on dope too much.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Harlan Price is editor of a local Philly "outdoors" magazine?

cornfed said...

I admire you for not being just a media whore, but an actively straddling media whore.

That's pretty hot.

wv: eflessid - medicated cream to help with the rashes.

dicky said...

I've read Harlan's stuff online, but as a former pro cyclist he is not eligible for the "Cyling media and industry types" class. WV: heamic the blood disorder I will have before the 2010 Breck Epic

Luis G. said...

So Mountain Bike is big time press now? laughs...

Joshua Stamper said...

The irony of the "Animal Grooming" designation on your mustachio killer was not lost on me