Monday, April 19

One more time before there's another time

Tonight at midnight the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jersey pre-sale ends. What does that mean for you? Well, first off you won't have to hear about the jerseys again until after they are actually available, which means you will be able to enjoy some shill free posts for awhile.

Secondly, I will have to think about something else to write about in the mean time, since my next race is still two long trainingless weeks away.

Thirdly, today is your last chance to have some of the proceeds of your purchase go to a family in Haiti to help rebuild their home. That's right, 10% of my profit from all the jerseys ordered before midnight tonight will be going to the Dindin family with a matching donation from Twin Six (isn't that nice of them?). After that time 100% of the money I end up making through jersey sales will be pissed away on racing, travel, and beer. If you want to help the Dindin's without contributing holistically to my beer fund there are other ways, so don't feel like you have to buy a jersey to make a difference in the world.

Big Worm snapped this image at the Tea Bag Party in Charlotte last week:

Apparently this woman wasn't paying attention to the scheduled speakers and was using her time wisely trying to figure out if she could squeeze her purchased womanhood into a small Bad Idea Racing jersey or would she be better off going with a medium. I think the small with the full zip Liz Hatch fit adjustment would be the best option, but that's just me.

So click on over to the dark side and buy a jersey today.

Meh... just my luck. I clicked the link to Twin Six at 6:23am, and I got the following message:

Apparently so many people went over to look at the Bad Idea Racing jerseys over the weekend they crashed the Twin Six site. Hopefully things will be up and running before your time runs out.

Hopefully this week a lot of shit will show up at the house in dull packaging thus annoying The Pie as she goes about her work from home day. Hopefully I'll have happy feet, protected eyes, and a finalized cockpit by the time Friday rolls around. Also I will have an ample supply of blog fodder which is always nice since I don't have to think so hard in the morning.

Tomorrow I'll be posting up about the massive ride of global implications that occurred last Saturday, and also my feelings regarding my Suspension Experts custom tuned White Brothers Fluid.

I guess Eric PMBAR Honcho Wever took the time to paint this image of me crossing the bridge over South Mills River from memory (with custom fork tuner to the stars Mike Rischitelli right behind me).

Late Edit: T6 site is back up and rolling for your jersey needs.

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