Friday, April 23

Things are s-l-o-w-l-y coming together

On Tuesday I said "Hopefully I'll have happy feet, protected eyes, and a finalized cockpit by the time Friday rolls around." Well, one outta three ain't bad. Postal delivery, or the lack thereof, and other manner of inconveniences kept a couple things outta my grubby hands, but I have been told to rest easy and know that all will be fine before the big show.

My feet were made doubly happy though, with the delivery of the new 2010.5 Swiftwick Fours (now with new and improved ankle logos) and the SIDI Dragon 2's from the SIDI Community Contest back in February. Apparently there was a hold up since I won another pair of SIDI's on the Sea Otter Facebook page, and some sizing issues kept my shoes over on the left coast for a little while.

I have to admit they are quite loud. I've been wearing them around the house (while wearing ear plugs) trying to get used to the concept of wearing a pair of shoes that would make a clown blush. They are stiff and fit like a glove, and I dare say that if those were qualities a clown were looking for in a clown shoe I think he might just swallow his pride and wear them. As for this clown, we shall see.

I'd love to say that I have some secret, last minute PMBAR training planned this weekend, but with The Pie at an adoption conference all weekend I'll be lucky to fit a short ride into a Nia packed weekend that starts off with a Daddy/Daughter Dance tonight. I hope they have some refrigerator boxes on the floor so I can let loose with some headspins. I've got to try hard if I wanna win the Dopest Dad Contest.

C'est la vie. Just another one of the situations that arise when you live the life of an UNprofessional cyclist. Family, work, responsibilties... then bike rides.

To those of you who did not buy a Bad Idea Racing jersey during the pre-sale who are now seeing that the jersey is showing "out of stock" on the Twin Six website (the T6 Dark section) rest assured that they will be "in stock" and available for order in a few (maybe 3-4) weeks. You did not miss out, so please stop with the threatening emails. You'll get your chance, I swear.

Now let's just get through this next week and look forward to one of the best races I do all year, and have done every year since 2004, PMBAR. I can't wait. Oddly enough the only PMBAR I ever missed was the 2003 edition which was known at the time as the Pisgah Death March. Coincidence? Maybe. Destiny? Perhaps. Wicked strange? Definitely.


Luis G. said...

You have the jerseys, now you should organize a "Dicky's Death March" ride to do them justice... preferably in the fall.

wv: boyow, sounds like something Blair would say...

Gerry said...

Good luck at PMBAR, man. - Gerry

Andrew Brautigam said...

So shiny, so bright, so nice.

I hope you got the road ones in bright blue as well.

ant1 said...

nice dragons. gots me a free pair too (what was your story?). i opted for the black ones though. what's up with the toe guard on only one shoe? is it some sort of gang sign?

cornfed said...

pfff, 4's. How 31.8 lame.

Mine go to seven

Anonymous said...

WAY too loud. Unless you've got a sponsor to please - black shoe polish!


Chris said...

Wow Dicky ... you might have to take JHK's jersey to pull off those new shoes.

Anonymous said...

are there any men's jerseys available...i only see the girly ones....


dicky said...


I have idea, but no follow through.


Yes, they are just as loud as the MTB shoes.


Get in touch with your feminine side son.

Anonymous said...

you are probably like 5'3" with those shoes on.