Monday, April 26

Very bad things

How many packages showed up on Friday?

"One, two, three packages...

Ah ah ah."

First off George "El Diablo" Wissell from Bike 29 sent me the final piece of the puzzle to finish off the Meatplow, a Park Tool SG-6 cutting guide.

With it I was able to competently trim the crabon frok steerer tube and take 10mm off the ends of my Easton Monkey Lites. The bike c'est finis.

I did a little more tinkering on the bike while I still had time, and it's the return of the awww.. wait, no wait, you're kidding, he didn't just say what I think he did, did he?

Why not? Look at all that room between the plastic scrotal wrecker and the MOOTSpost. That's plenty of space for the "saddle" to flex in the manner in which it was designed. Match made in heaven.

I'm pretty stoked about the Shimano stem, although it looks a bit egg-like.

It does hold the bar 70mm away from the center of the steerer tube quite efficiently, and I ended up having enough ti hardware laying around to kit it up pro style.

I know you've seen it, but I don't care. I just think this looks plain awesome.

Clean and ready for PMBAR'esque destruction, in this corner, The Meatplow....

weighing in at...

Since I just washed it I think that the foam grips absorbed an extra tenth of a pound of water... whatever.

The second package I opened contained one of the final pieces I need to pull off a very unprofessional look for the 2010 "Season"... something I've been wanting since I laid eyes into them.

White Tifosi Dolomites with more bad ass lenses than you can shake a lens specific shaking stick at. Theses will come in handy when I attempt to fill in the big shoes that Bike Snob left empty. Yes, that's right. Since Bike Snob has come out of the closet and made his true identity public knowledge I have decided I am going to swap my blog over to anonymous mode. I'll let you know how that goes.

And thirdly, a generous, philanthropic fan of Bad Idea Racing has decided to make my life more complicated by throwing one of these at me.

That there is the GoPro HD Camera-ma-thing in its very own biosphere camera terrarium. There are many like it, but this is mine. Now I will have to wear this thing once and awhile and share with you the highlights of my many great bike rides. I have tested it out. It works well.

That was only a test. Yes, that is my backyard. Yes, I posted it on youtube to share with the world, but mostly yinzers. My skills will improve, or maybe they won't. I shot some more footage with Stabby yesterday at a local trail, so perhaps when I get a chance I'll edit the raw footage and polish it up. I did find out that too much use of the Chesty strap is annoying to watch (I need to adjust the angle), and that's what I took the most of yesterday, so be prepared to be annoyed soon.


Anonymous said...

I have had the GoPro for since xmas and love it. Don't forget that the chesty strap can be used backwards to catch those riding behind you. It gets pretty cool action shots. ENJOY!!

TheMutt said...

There were way too many "crotch shots" on that video. If I was drinking coffee, I would have spilled it all over myself. Yuck. I am a bit jealous of your backyard test track though.

Luis G. said...

Funny backyard videos with awesome soundtrack = WIN

Shaky POV (or PASA = pointed at someone's ass) videos of trail rides = meh

I would like to see a PMBAR confessional of your partner accepting the inferiority of small wheels...

WV: ductedia (the wikipedia of ducts?)

cornfed said...

Luis: It's not the wheels that are inferior, it's the engine.

Wait, that's not how the saying goes is it... damn.

AdamB said...

Cool Beans! Maybe you can even record some voice over narration reflecting on the action visuals.
BTW, it's too bad my partner had to bail on me for PMBAR (and my 2nd and 3rd backup plans) so I won't be there to clink pint glasses with you.

Riding with dogs said...

I've been rocking the Hero cam for a little over a year now. Go ahead and get all the mounts and you'll find all kinds of cool mounting angles. My personal favorite was the fork mount and the seat post.