Tuesday, April 27

Keeping my eye on the ball

Getting ready for PMBAR. Gotta get through a week with some responsibilities first, but then the irresponsibilities will reign supreme. Packing is a light priority. Some of the PMBAR required gear is kept staged and ready in a handy pouch, other gear is kept close at hand, and yet some is sitting in the back of a truck.

The white whistle (actually half a whistle) is from the 2004 PMBAR. I informed my partner I had lost my whistle somewhere in the woods, so fearing that there would be a gear check at the finish we stopped on Pilot Rock and cut his in half. Success.

I used to worry more about this race in the past. That's kinda odd since the plan was usually to nab the minimum amount of checkpoints and get back to the keg ASAP. This will be the third year my team will be going for the big "W". It will probably be the hardest year yet, competition wise. Sam Koerber (Willow's prettier sister) will be teaming up with his dad Grandpa Bob Koerber. Sam won PMBAR back in 2008 and Grandpa Bob's team finished right behind Thad and I last year (although Grandpa Bob has beaten me every other time we've met on the field of battle).

Slow and slower.

Rumor has it that Sam's partner from 2008 Brad Kee is out at the Arizona Trail Race, but intends to finish in time to catch a plane to the Asheville Airport where he will be choppered in to the venue minutes before the start.

Of course last year's winner Wes Dickson will be back with whoever won the tricycle race qualifier in the parking lot at Sycamore Cycles. He may actually be considering a proper sized wheel option, so perhaps Armageddon is around the corner.

Win, lose, or draw Thad and I are gonna have a great ride in Pisgah whether we like it or not. PMBAR is so fun it should be illegal... like free beer at the venue. Don't forget it's BYOB this year kiddies, and if you drink, don't drive. The fuzz will probably have some presence on the forest roads again this year, so don't fuck it up for everybody else.

and random mode....

Don't know what to do with your Thomson seat post clamp bag? How about Peanut M&M portion control (Bill Nye uses the 410mm seatpost bag).

I think I witnessed a driver practicing for Zombieland yesterday.


Blair said...

Missing it is killing me.
Knock 'em dead, Dicky.

Anonymous said...

Your pipe looks too small.

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I'm so excited! Laura and I (bee and lady bug) are going to have fun too whether we like it or not, but I guess we always do anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey, not sure if you care, but since you're writing for Dirt Rag now, I just thought I'd throw a punctuation rule your way so you can impress those riders and writers at the mag with your skillz. Whenever you end a sentence with a quotation mark, put the end punctuation point inside the end quotation mark. Example: This will be the third year my team will be going for the big "W." It looks a bit strange, but that shit's legit. Peace!

dicky said...

If I start using proper punctuation Karen Brooks will be out of a job. With my last college level English course being over two decades ago you're lucky you can even read this poor assemblage of words and phrases.

Emily said...

be sure to prepare some pep talks for Thad ahead of time. He prefers pep talks that do not involve angry badgers. or canadian bacon.

cornfed said...

Personally I'm hoping for more REO Speedwagen songs sung to me... No wait that was Journey, or Survivor wasn't it?

Crap I can't keep your 80's hair band music straight.

Ratt? Winger? Dokken?

wv: arkily : the anti-emily