Wednesday, April 28

Things I did last night (but actually in the now)


As I write this the time is 11:05 PM Tuesday night. I started editing footage from Sunday's ride at 8:15PM. I had it all edited down to 3:05 play time before 9:00PM. Well then I had to add music, publish it to youtube, hate it, change it, publish it again, realize it wasn't in HD, change the music, try again, fail, and as of right now it's loading back up again. No matter how it goes when I wake up tomorrow I will post this and hopefully embed the video... or just this and no video. We'll see.

I knew this would happen. You knew this would happen. Who amongst you with a brain and some knowledge of my past behavior couldn't see this coming? Meh.

I'm pretty sure I failed at loading the HD thing although I had it figured out less than 72 hours ago. I did drink some beers the other night while I was doing it. Maybe that helped. It usually does. I should be sleeping and getting lots of rest for PMBAR, and here I am wasting time pre-writing a post while the video uploads.

Gah. I just checked, and it's still at 50% published. That's 30% more than it was awhile ago, but 50% less than 100%.

Let's see... what else can I do to kill time? How about I post a photo The Pie emailed to me while I was at work the other day? Sure? Why not.

I do not think equipment acquisition director and sponsor liaison Admiral Ackbar likes being left at home alone with The Pie. I apologized when I got home, but he told me the diaper was saving him a lot of time and the hat was doing a fine job keeping the sun outta his eyes, so perhaps we should leave well enough alone for now.

Ahhhhh... 93%. I'm in the home stretch.

Almost, almost, almost....


No HD, and my brain is fried.


Just remembered how I did it last time. Fuck. It's 11:25PM.

I can't believe I'm gonna try this again. One more save, one more upload, and I'm going to bed. Either I wake up and it worked or it didn't, and I will have wasted 3.5 hours of my life two of which I shoulda spent sleeping.


One more time? Why not.


Like watching paint dry, or Thad descend in Pisgah, only slightly faster... and less frustrating.


Loading the 720 HD version to youtube now.

47 minutes remaining.

Good night.


Good morning...


Watch it in 720 HD yo.


George said...

the video makes your arms look really long

dicky said...

I've been working out.

Anonymous said...

That video is so badass.

brado1 said...

dude i wanna go bowling

rick is! said...

damn you george. I was going to say that dicky's knees have the longest arms I've ever seen.

WPG said...

Awesome. Film more please.

AdamB said...


Freakin' Awesome.
The way you are riding the Niner I wonder why you need the Moots-brothers bike/fork combo. Nice work.

Blair said...

You're gonna need to ask for some vacation time to edit all the video from PMBAR....

WV: congly - as in "your arms are very congly"

Luis G. said...

How does the Niner fork behave on those drops?

jonnyb said...

I think I read somewhere that there is a way to put the camera in the chest harness upside down so that you can see down the trail more.

Not that I don't like looking at your top tube.

dwight yoakam said...

damn, makes me miss NC (and poplar tent). presently its still snowing here and a good 2+ hour drive to Auburn for any kind of dirt riding.

Anonymous said...

Turn up the Kenny and turn down the Sidi.

Karen said...

It's not often that one sees video of moves like that with a computer on the handlebar also in the frame. Probably a HR monitor no less.

Billy Fehr said...

Stabby has a HR Monitor, now that is funny. Brilliant Karen, thanks I just hoo'd and now I have to pee...
wv: biont