Wednesday, May 12

I'm back and faster than ever

Well, at least my internet is back and faster than ever. Everything is now hunky dory in Dickyville, well maybe I'm still having some editing difficulties, but rest assured we're working on it:

Photo Cred: Nick the Stick

I was able to edit the PMBAR video and get rid of all the erroneous information I was spreading regarding the Pisgah Mountain Bike STAGE Race and the elusively hard to find Pilot MOUNTAIN Trail. I deleted the previous video I had posted on Youtube even though it had over 860+ views at the time, which means I replaced my video that had a 3" penis with a video only having a 1.5" penis (in the youtube penis measuring contest).

All 860+ of you that watched it need to watch it again if I'm ever going to measure up to all the other "also rans" on Youtube.

In bigger and better news the most recent copy of Dirt Rag showed up at my house with another shining example of journalism tucked between the pages within and also an another article written by none other than me.

I also had my first published reaction from a reader in the "Chewing the Fat" section (Letters to the Editor in lesser magazines). You might remember that one of my previous articles about underground racing sparked a little unexpected controversy about our current economic situation, but it appears this new interesting opinion is even more far fetched and unexpected. John Enright of Jacksboro, TX was so moved by my reference to "human tipping" that he felt compelled to share his obsession with the myth of cow tipping. I'm so glad I'm getting the American people to think, especially about how underground racing and the economy are so closely tied together and about an important issue that affects every man, woman, and child in the US and A, cow tipping. I know what you're thinking... next stop for the Dicky Train? Meet the Press? I'm sitting by the phone.

Three days till my next race, and I spent two hours on my next video last night as opposed to training. Another reason to not have Letterman around I guess.

He would swap the U in couch to a A, and instead of relaxing on a couch editing my next world changing video (which will be up tomorrow) I would have a ball busting coach with a recommended workout with such and such hours spent in so and so zones....


What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Letterman. Does anybody even remember how awesome he was? Like when he trapped that bad guy taking a bath when he changed a "tub" to a "tube" with no more than a lower case "e" thus sticking said bad guy in a tube of toothpaste? Keep throwing your money at Iron Man 2 and similarly poorly scripted Hollywood waste products. I'm saving my box office dollars for "Letterman: Rise of the Silent Vowels".


Mark said...

here is one of cush to photo shop up.

Anonymous said...

read your write up in dirt rag!'

Loved it!

Someone has to go against the grain, especially when the grain is totally moronic!

people that complain against us with headphones are just bloody well bored silly... they should be focusing on world hunger or something and minding their own damn business.
What we stick in our ears is not infringing on anyone's rights but our own.

I use hand signals. The middle finger one of them... bastards that complain about nothing but bullchit.


Big Bikes said...

I really wanted the Dirt Rag article to have a "comments" section underneath. My potential comment is so long and involved that I may actually have to put it in the form of a portion of a post.

Ooh, it is going to be such an angry comment/post, just you wait!