Tuesday, May 11

Hostage Crisis

The Internet Connectivity Hostage Crisis continues for yet another day. Although the internet is working 75% of the time here at the Bad Idea Racing home office it still can not be considered anything close to reliable. Some sites load right up while others clock indefinitely waiting for some digital surge of information that will never come. The ATT/Bell South techs have come and gone multiple times, and while we have a very strong signal when it's working it can drop at any moment causing anything we do here to become totally lost in the digital continuum. The thrill of it all is that as I write this I have no idea if it will actually publish. I do so love to waste my time though.

I've got a race coming up in less than four days.

Honestly I've spent an additional ten hours in front of the computer in the last week either editing the PMBAR video (that is chock full of editing mistakes and currently on Youtube, but a new version is on the way) or trying to get the video uploaded through my choked down and pinched straw that is my internet connection. I could blame my lack of training on those issues, but the truth is I'd lost interest in the concept of "training" a long time ago. My "training" was never scientific to begin with over the last decade or so. I would just leave the house 1-1.5 hours before work and ride around aimlessly before heading into town for my first job. Ever since I got sick in mid March and missed a couple of weeks (after I'd just gotten started "training" for the year) I decided I'm too tired to try to squeeze any extra riding into my schedule. Something had to give as I spend 9 hours of my day at work (not doing much actual work, but reading a lot of books), probably 1.5 hours a day on blogging, and only somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 hours sleeping every night. Of all those things my absolute favorite thing to do is sleep, and it's the one thing I'd have to cut back on if I actually wanted to "train"... I think not.

Last night I went riding with Stabby at the backyard trails and, as if I needed more on my plate, I wore the GoPro camera on the ride. Now I've got even more raw footage to play with so I can make another improperly edited video that I can struggle to get on to Youtube (BTW: the only way the last one made it on Youtube was because I tool my portable hard drive to my mom's house to upload it... noice).

Did I mention a race?

Oh yeah, The Uwharrie Rumble. They're having a six and twelve hour race this weekend, and I am opting for the six hour version. Why? Because riding my bike in circles for six hours can be fun, but riding it in circles for an additional six hours would not be fun. I'll be done and home before supper time, and I'll have a nice long ride in my legs to prepare me for The Trans Sylvania Epic Stage Race, or as I'll call it in the video I produce; The Trans Sylvania Mountain Epic Bike Race of Stages. Yes, as a matter of fact I am doing all my "training" for the TS Epic in one day. I think this is very sound logic, and I will not listen to any arguments to the contrary. With six hours of intense riding in my legs I believe I can rely on my mad skills and handsome physical attributes to close the gap to ultimate victory (over the likes of one Mike "Titty Twister" Slackenberry).


Kim said...

That mirrors my Trans-Sylvania training plan almost perfectly. Except I'm doing a 24 hour solo the week before. Should work out great.

btw, Tanya says the only reason she's doing the Trans-Sylvania Epic is so she can see your bare ass.

TheMutt said...

Training is overrated. Drink more beer instead.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't go to wordpress because I can save drafts.

You could always do the cut and paste from another editor, but that would not be as fun to blog about.

Anonymous said...

dicky, saw your filthy little box at b.y. last night. hopefully you got some good footage of the rigid single speed on those pencil thin skinny's. looking forward to seeing someone actually ride some of them. over and out. -t. cook

grape man said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say the titty twister is none other than Mark Hendershot!

dicky said...

Let's see... I think the coed showers at the TSE will handleTanya's issues. Beer, while probably not being a good swap for actual training, has certainly kept me quite happy and lubricated for the last coupla months. I've been able to compose at will on blogger. It's just that when I go to publish or upload a photo I need constant connectivity. Backyard? Most of my footage from riding the skinnies ends with me falling in the poison ivy. Mark H. is a fellow tittie twister, but I assue you that is Cush in the photo doing the dirty deed.

Mark said...

cush rode the 6 hours at fc pretty fast. I would consider big tires or forjx for the Trans Epic. Pa rocks can be tough on long rides.

dicky said...

Forjx? Pffffftttt.. I was considering riding with one arm tied behind my back with a rusty PC-1 to even up the odds.

Anonymous said...

Cush has some nice nails!