Sunday, May 9

Sorry to be so short...

but I may not have any internet connection on Monday morning. Since I can't be all 5:00AM interesting and shit here's the video I made at PMBAR 2010. Many hours of editing (most wasted due to ignorance and stupidity) went into the making and even more trying to get it to load over a connection that was evidently quite poor.

Hopefully I'll be running full steam by Tuesday.

Quality may suffer until this goes away.

If it sucks check back later to see if it sucks less at that time. Watch it on youtube at 720HD for more pleasureness.

Yes, after hours of editing I still managed to caption the Pilot ROCK portion of the video Pilot MOUNTAIN. For fucksake.

PMBAR stands for Pisgah Mountain Bike STAGE Race???? I swear I wasn't drinking... too much.


EDIT: All the information has been corrected, and a new video has been made to protect the stupid (me).


Leyonce said...

Great vid! Thanks for wearing the camera and the time/effort needed to post it.

Luis G. said...

Nice Pilot footage, love the "shake out the wrist after crushing it rigid" part... soundtrack is not hard enough to capture the pain of that day though.

dicky said...

What pain?

You mean Thad's pain or the pain I had in my ass all day?

Namrita O'Dea said...

you know, you could put a sus fork back on so stuff like pilot rock trail is easier on our eyes :)

j/k --great job on the video. love it.

Nick said...

Feel good knowing that the videos have been really enjoyable for us eating breakfast in the morning...So the effort is appreciated.. THANKS

Big Bikes said...

Bob Wilton: So what do you use to remote view?
Lyn Cassady: I drink. And I find classic rock helps.
Bob Wilton: Any music in particular?
Lyn Cassady: Boston. Boston usually works.

From "The Men Who Stare at Goats."

The chest strap is such a freaky angle, looks like something out of a Terry Gilliam movie, only with more bikes and less dwarves.


brado1 said...

Nice vid Dick bring more batteries next time

wv: Strate

Anonymous said...

Great video!

I am crushed that I was edited out. Either your camera could not contain my awesomeness or you were still mad that I could not help you figure out your router over the interweb.

wv: bulophol someone who is desires bull. same as a pedophile but different.

matt mccluskey said...

Great video, except I threw up a little during the Pilot Mountain downhill due to motion sickness.

"Stop the room from spinning, I want to get off this ride."

dicky said...

Don't worry, you're in good company on my virtual editing room floor (if I had any raw footage w/you in it)..

AdamB said...

Great vid, esp in hi-def. I shoulda been there but your efforts help a bit. Keep up the good work; it should only get easier to edit/post these things.

mr rogers said...

the hi-def is nice. wish i could have been there. next year. excellent job thanks for taking the time.

Emily said...

It's good, but the "Cooking With The Extreme Tomato: Tailgate Edition" segment should have been longer.