Friday, May 7

What do you do?

Let's see.... where to begin?

The Dicky's Death March T's are not entirely sold out as I type this at 5:42AM. If you are a small man you still have a chance, or perhaps a medium sized hipster who likes tight T-shirts, or maybe even a petite androgynous person who wants to keep his/her sexuality a secret a little longer. Otherwise you are screwed. All the other sizes were sold out before the night was over. Thanks for playing.

The PMBAR video? It has been done since Wednesday night. I have been trying to upload it to youtube AND Vimeo, and I have failed on both ends. Each time I try either service I get anywhere from 1-12% uploaded before the upload FAILS. I may just have "connectivity issues", but it might be something I have overlooked. If you can tell me about a better way to do things please share it with me (teamdicky at hotmail dot com). Otherwise everybody's gonna need to come over to my house and watch it on my laptop. How does this Sunday work for you? I'll make the popcorn.

Today is the Annual Ride with the Mayor breakfast bash buffet. Hundreds of cyclists and hungry hipsters will be in attendance to ride with our new mayor, Anthony Foxx. This will be the first time we've ever had a mayor who wasn't Mayor McCrory leading us into town, so it should be pretty exciting. When Mayor Foxx first heard about the ride nobody told him that it wasn't a race, and he started practicing his "fingerbang" for the podium in anticipation of his big win.

Personally I've got my money on the hungry hipsters.

This ride will be somewhat of a sad affair as just yesterday a 2nd grade girl was struck by a car while riding her bike in front of an elementary school. She is in serious condition as are most of the people that bothered to comment on the story on our local paper's website. Morons. Always the same arguments every time a cyclist is hit in the Queen City.

Spread some positivity this weekend. Smile, wave, hold a door for somebody, make someone a sandwich... I dunno. In the words of Jimmy Serrano, "Do some fucking thing."


Jason said...

My Vimeo post didn't work last night either. The video has been "processing" for 12 hours. I assumed you were hogging all their bandwith.

cornfed said...

I didn't order a t-shirt. I am waiting for T6 to design me a "I survived a Team Dicky Death March and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt" one.

Maybe it could come with inflatable water wings built in for use in flash floods?

Talk to your people, mkay?

Loving the Bike said...

Nice....I've known about your site for a while now, but finally spent some time taking a good look around. Round of applause, dude. Very cool site with an interesting approach. Good job.


EndlessBikeCo. said...

...but that Jimmy Serrano video had nothing to do with spreading positivity, smiling, waving, holding a door for somebody, or making someone a sandwich!!!" "Do some fucking thing."...???