Monday, June 7

And the winner is...

I know you're all coming here for a some dirt on the Trans Sylvania Epic Stage Race that took place over seven wonderful days in the PA wilderness.

photo cred Peter Keiller

I got the Van Hagar significance. Peter? Not a fan.

As much as I'd like to dive right into the TSE details right away I promised to have a winner for the Twin Six jersey contest by today. After staying up till 12:45AM Saturday night (about a 1/2 hour longer than Peter lasted) I was up at 5:35AM to make the 8.5 hour drive back to Charlotte, and when I got home the first thing I did was fire up the computer and ask The Pie to pick a winner (after unloading, unpacking, doing laundry, eating, going for a walk... basically the first thing). So here goes....

Iain Banfield

Sorry, not a winner. I liked all the effort put into this entry, but I am not the judge.

"Didn't quite get the shot I was after but my theme was feeding the masses (tofu robots, penguins and even TOFU the vegan zombie)with loaves and focaccia fishes."


Shanna Powell

"I particularly like how the wings cradle my breasts."

Unfortunately The Pie is not as big of a fan of breasts as I am. Shanna is a winner, but just not a contest winner. Breasts.

Jenn Roberts

This was definitely the most artistic entry I received. I was impressed with the composition. The Pie? Not so much. I have the degree in art, The Pie is just a measly R.N.

Mert Dunne

He was onto something with the pecan pie cooling thing. People are learning that you have to suck up to The Pie to win these things, but alas your pies were no match for the top two.

Craig "Big Ring" Barlow

I get these kind of images from Craig all the time, so I wasn't really sure if he wanted in on the contest or not. I'll be sure to save this image in my special folder called "restraining order information".

Aaron Lael

"I spent my entire coffee table fund on this jersey last year, so I figure I may as well get all the use I can out of it."

That was good enough for second place. Although I see no "Pie reference" it just seemed pretty brilliant to my better half. With his second place prize of a Whammer Deal of three different sizes of Awesome Straps Aaron should be able to watch TV with his remotes and shit strapped to the arms of his chair allowing him to watch TV shirtless with his hand down the front of his pants... just how God intended it to be done.

David M. Elliston

"Had the attached photo been shot from the reverse angle, I would most certainly be walking away with the first place prize in your photo contest. Alas, I don't want first place. I'm aiming for the second step on the podium here. My wife was kind enough to step in, unzip, and throw down with David Hasselhoff all to aid my quest for Awesome Strappage. With a silent homage to the greatest contest judge of all time (there I go again) in the pocket of her stylish and well crafted Twin Six jersey, I find it hard to believe that a second place prize is not in my future. I trust that upon your return from the great state of PA, the attached photo will find its way into your pile of contest finalists. My only hope is that it falls just one spot short of the top of the pile."

Unfortunately David, you won. I think I can possibly do something for you outside of the contest since The Pie ignored your second place request. She was impressed with the effort put into the submission, the inclusion of pies, and the Hasselhoffiness.

Those were the cream of the crop. If you did not see yours it's because I am "le tired", and I couldn't muster the energy to post any more images.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to enter. I would say that you're all winners in my book, and then I would feel like a patronizing kindergarten teacher. Tomorrow I'll be back in full swing with TSE stuff, some stage reports, my impression of the race, my feelings towards my fellow racer folks, and anything else I can think of until I run out.


Anonymous said...

big ring was robbed!

Steffie said...

Thank YOU, Dicky, for finally giving me an excuse to purchase and enjoy a sweet, delicious Krispy Kreme fruit pie.

rick is! said...

damn craig. I can't stop staring at the dark spot next to the undies. It draws me in...