Wednesday, June 23

NB UAR Video in HD and 3-D (3-Dicky)

The New Belgium Urban Assault video is done. Here's some things to keep in mind.

Three of the checkpoints are missing. I assure you we got them all and I have the beads to prove it. This was Big Worm's first time with the GoPro and there is a learning curve.

There were over 22 minutes of video from our search for the mystery checkpoint/guy in an afro/tutu riding the Booty Loop clockwise. Bill turned it off at that point and didn't turn it back on again until we were on our way to our second checkpoint. I guess he figured nobody needed to see me crying and kicking passing children for 15 minutes.

After the Ray's Splash Planet scene the camera got turned off and didn't get turned back on till we were done with the final two checkpoints. During that time of unrecorded riding we saw a tornado, a UFO, a cow teaching a chicken long division, and a Tea Bagger with a correctly spelled protest sign. We have none of that on video. Sorry.

As always I just picked a song from my iTunes library that matched the length of the video. Don't like the music? Turn it off and play something from you personal library... like Enya or Barry Manilow. I guess you could always hum the national anthem. Again, not my problem.

Click on the HD icon to watch it on Vimeo for full viewing pleasure.


2010 New Belgium Urban Assault Race / Charlotte from Rich Dillen on Vimeo.


Leyonce said...

Looks like fun had by all. Big Worm on the slide at Ray's was weird. Thanks for the vid.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Big Worm on the slide was great!


TheMutt said...

I almost fell outta my chair when you jumped up in the tree for the piggyback polo. Good stuff.

WV: diddewa

Big Bikes said...

Video-ing is the new blogging.

Colt McElwaine said...

A video like that could get you another front page headline on CyclingDirt and 300 internet bonus points! Upload it here !!

dougyfresh said...

Big Worm on the slide was great. Good video.