Thursday, June 24

USA Cycling hates fun (my fun that is)

Since the New Belgium Urban Assault Race took over my blog for the last three days I have an accumulation of shit in my head to spew forth.

First off, I read this somewhere (probably Bike Rumor) and I felt a little happy place inside me get warm:

"In a statement posted on USA Cycling’s website Friday morning, nine rule changes were outlined for the 2010-2011 season, with the addition of disc brakes by far being the most shocking and significant. An amendment to Title 1, section 1.3.025 reads;

Disc brakes are allowed in cyclo-cross training and competition."

Of course this is a "Why didn't they do this years ago?" moment. All you cable actuated brake folks should rejoice in the fact that there will probably be some product development in the Avid BB brake line, like a high performance lightweight model, and maybe some actual competition for the world's best cable actuated (blecchhh) brake. Still if I ever get the SS cyclocross bike of my dreams it will still have canti's just because cross canti's look so bad ass.

There was more to the new rule changes though...

For races on the road and cyclo-cross, the use of fixed sprocket is forbidden: a braking system that acts on both wheels is required.”

Seriously? I was not aware that fixed gear... I mean "fixed sprockets" were such an issue in cyclocross. Too much of an advantage? Did someone die last year as a result of some reckless rider with a "fixed sprocket"?

I only have one bike on which I might do the one cross race I might do every year. This is it:

I quite enjoy riding this bike. It has never seen better than a mid pack finish in a cross race nor has it killed anyone.

photo cred: Big Worm

I am a rule follower. I do what I have to when it comes to abiding to the man's rules. I even donned sleeves for a cross race just to avoid the wrath of the man and his rules.

photo cred: Lee Flythe

This really seems like a stupid piece of horseshit rule. Who thought of it and why? Perhaps the guy who gets paid to write the rules gets paid according to the number of new rules he can come up with each year. This guy needs a punch in the nuts for the general doucheyness of his limited thought processes.

I can't even think about what else I was going to write about today. I'm not so much peeved that I may not get to do my one cyclocross race a year due to this rule. I'm just sick of rules that are created just so we can have more rules. If anyone has any idea why this rule exists please feel free to let me in on this little secret.

I'm just gonna leave it at that. My bike doesn't know that it lost its special purpose, so we're going to have a long talk this morning. Can a bike cry? I guess I'll find out.


Cellarrat said...

Fixed sprocket is BS!!! kinna bummed my dreams of going pro in cyclocross racing this fall are dashed

Kim said...

It's the UCI, dude. Also, the maximum tire width is smaller.

But it only matters if you're top level (in reasonable Canadia anyway).

Drew said...

Yea, brakes in cx aren't for stopping they are for adjusting speed... Disk is un nessacary, and 32mm tires suck in all but mud.
Atleast they ammended that feeds could be permitted in climates over 20degrees before the last two or after the first two laps... Read to me as beer feeds are ok again.
Rich, I'm on vacation I'll return you call this weekend

Joey E. said...

I have a solution! I have a wheel built up with one of those torpedo hubs, you just give the screw in the axle a turn after the race officials give the bike a once-over and voila, you're back to fixed cross transmission.

Emily said...

Last year Nicoletti raced the SS cat most of the year on a fixed Pista with cross tires jammed onto it. He took second for the season in the Georgia CX Series. And even without the ability to coast his remounts were smoother than mine.
The Man is just doing this to keep Nico down.

Kim said...

Der. Facepalm! It's to keep the hipsters out, of course.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I'm sorry about your fixie shaft. That sucks.

I'm terribly happy about the disc thing though. I suck at 'cross so I need brakes and I hate canti's more than boiled carrots. That's like, a lot of hate. I can't adjust them to save my life.

dicky said...


You can't adjust boiled carrots?

The Vegan Vagabond said...

nope. they're mushy & taste like poo no matter how much I fiddle.

TheMutt said...

They hate my fun too. I was gonna bust out the sleeveless jersey for the NC State Games this weekend, until I read this: "Jersey sleeves must cover upper arms and shoulders. All USA Cycling rules will apply."

Damn it.

Mark Anto said...

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