Friday, June 25

Thirty days hath September

Getting back on topics that are off topic....

Last week I mentioned that autograph requests were at a three week low since I was mentioned on Fatty's blog.

May 30 - June 5th: 1 request
June 6 - June 12th: 1 request
June 13th - present: 0 requests

Well I got a request right at the end of the week.


Hey this is Rebecca Rusch, your new best friend from TSE. I know this might be awkward coming from an elite cyclist such as myself, but I was wondering if you would send me an autographed photo. I swear it's not for me. You-know-who wants one, but he's afraid to ask. Even though he totally crushed you at the TSE he still has a huge man crush on you.

Anyways, TIA.

Love, Becky

Being that Rebecca is a fellow World Champion such as myself I felt compelled to acquiesce her request ASAP.

Yesterday she received it in the mail and sent me a photo.

"Greg's gonna love it!"

Speaking of Greg I just couldn't help myself.


This week has been hot as shit. Yesterday was a "Code Red" day. The authorities that are in charge of coding our hot weather and smog levels suggested that not only do we Charlotteans need to avoid going outside we shouldn't even look outside. I've been sweating my balls off... literally. If it weren't for the elastic band on the leg of my underwear I would have surely lost them by now. My sack is sagging so low I could be used as a midget tether ball pole.

(I said "midget" and not "children" to keep you from having bad dreams)

This past week I sent an email to the race director for the Tour de Burg. I asked Carpong why the letters of intent were not up yet as they provide me with small amounts of additional mojo going into the race. He replied:

I got your letter and many others intentions of grandeur. Maybe we can get them up maybe not. See you next week.

Next week?

Dumbass. The race isn't for two more weeks.

Last night I got a call from Tim Dougherty, my partner from the 2007 BC Bike Race. He was calling to let me know that he was doing the Tour de Burg as well. At the end of our conversation as he was saying goodbye he said "See you in a week."

"Dumbass. It's still two weeks away", I replied.

"No, it starts next week on July 2nd", Tim chortled.

Shit. I musta thought there were 37 days in June. I honestly thought I had another weekend before the TdB began. I had plans to acquire fitness and lose 5 pounds in the lead up to the race. Oh well, maybe I should stop using this Aztec calendar since I can hardly make sense out of it. I thought today was Right Facing Biting Fish Day.

Since today is apparently Orange Traffic Cone with a Yellow Stripe Day that means I need to get a long ride in the mountains this Sunday. Anyone wanna come? Warning: the pace will be somewhat aggressive, the set course miserable, and the weather hot. Stragglers will be left to die.


Eric Wever / Pisgah Productions said...

I'll ride on Sunday and you can leave me behind when your 'somewhat aggressive' pace leaves me in the dust. I know where I'm going....


Anonymous said...

Keep me looped and loopy.

Big Bikes said...

"My sack is sagging so low I could be used as a midget tether ball pole."

You are a very bad man.
There is no way I can get all that coffee back up my nose.


dougyfresh said...

'I'm getting some salad'

haha. That was classic. Funny thing is I read Peter's blog entry about that last night for some reason. I am still laughing between the two. haha.

Have a good time at the 'berg. say hello to Tim for me. Tell him happy belated birthday since I am an asshole friend and forgot. I spoke to his brother yesterday.

TheMutt said...

"Stragglers will be left to die."


Even when I ride alone, I often leave myself to die.

Maybe I'll go play tether ball instead. You know where I can find some midgets?

WV: corkwis

Mark said...

Dicky is getting dirty. I think we saw enough of your sack from peter.

Bruce Wildermuth said...

It's been 107 here in Tucson all week, but its a "dry heat" . . . think commuting in an oven! You may be sagging but I think my 'nads are turning into raisins.